Seven Learning Goals of Primary Education



In line with the aims of education and the overall aims of the school curriculum, CDC had set out the learning goals that our students should be able to achieve in 10 years' time as follows:
  i. recognize their roles and responsibilities as members in the family, the society, the nation; show concern for their well-being;
  ii. understand their national identity and be committed to contributing to the nation and society;
  iii. develop a habit of reading independently;
  iv. engage in discussion actively and confidently in English and Chinese (including Putonghua);
  v. develop creative thinking and master independent learning skills (e.g. critical thinking, information technology, numeracy and self management);
  vi. possess a breadth and foundation of knowledge in the eight Key Learning Areas; and
  vii. lead a healthy lifestyle and develop an interest in and appreciation of aesthetic and physical activities.


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