Partner Schools (2007-2014)


GE Partner Schools Websites (2007-2014)


  • Individual school with its self-developed school-based gifted programmes
  • Schools participating in collaboration project with the Gifted Education Section



  • To showcase the gifted programmes of partner schools for educators' reference with a view to encouraging more quality programmes for students.
  • To commend the partner schools for their continuous efforts and contribution to Gifted Education
  • To provide reference to the public on the kind of gifted education being provided at school-based level



To showcase the school-based gifted programmes developed by individual schools or those in collaboration with the Gifted Education Section, of the Education Bureau.



The partner schools provide the information of their school-based gifted development programmes to the Gifted Education Section and it will be displayed in the 'Partner Schools Websites' of the Section



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School-based Gifted Development Programmes (Primary)

School-based Gifted Development Programmes (Secondary)



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