A Treasury of Literary Classics -
Chinese Fables and Tales Series (1)


    Read the Chinese story and answer the following questions.

The Story of Hua Mulan

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1. Read paragraph 1. Mulan knew how to fight because ...

A. she learnt it in the army.
B. her father taught her.
C. she learnt it by herself.
D. the military leader trained her.

Your answer:

Read paragraph 1.

"Sick and frail, he was too old to fight, but still, he insisted on teaching Mulan how to ride a horse and use a sword. It was not common for girls to learn these skills in the old days. However, Mulan’s father believed that everyone should know how to fight, even girls.”

2. What kind of people didn't the military take for fighting the war?

A. Old men
B. Sick people
C. Women
D. Retired generals

Your answer:

Read paragraph 2.

“However, the military did not take girls as replacements for soldiers.”

3. What did Mulan do after she saw her father's name on the list?

A. She encouraged her brother to join the army.
B. She disguised herself as a man and joined the army.
C. She told her father that she would report for duty for him.
D. She told the government officials that her father was sick.

Your answer:

Read paragraph 2.

“Mulan was very anxious and tried to think of a way out. She decided that she could disguise herself as a man and join the army to take her father's place. Early next morning, when her parents were still sleeping, Mulan put on her father’s armour and reported for duty secretly.”

4. Why did Mulan receive awards from the emperor? She received the awards because ...

A. she worked industriously at home.
B. she studied attentively in the army.
C. she tried her best to protect the country.
D. she greeted and served the emperor respectfully.

Your answer:

Read paragraph 4.

Mulan's reputation for bravery reached the emperor's ears, and he was very grateful to Mulan, even after Mulan confessed that she was a woman. When the war came to an end, the emperor asked her to stay on as his adviser, but Mulan knew it was time for family reunion. Therefore, the emperor gave her a horse and a bagful of wealth as awards, and sent some soldiers to escort her home.

5. From what Mulan did for her family and her performance in the army, which adjectives best describe her?

  1. Brave
  2. Caring
  3. Shy
  4. Responsible

A. (i)
B. (ii) & (iv)
C. (i), (ii) & (iii)
D. (i), (ii) & (iv)

Your answer:

In the story, what did Mulan do for her family? How was her performance in the army?

6. Which adjective best describes the soldiers who saw Mulan dressed in the clothes of a woman?

A. Excited
B. Calm
C. Joyful
D. Shocked

Your answer:

Read paragraph 5.

The soldiers who escorted Mulan back could not believe their eyes and shouted, ‘Who are you? Where is Mulan?’

7. A relative pronoun is a word which is used to refer to nouns that have been mentioned previously in the sentence. It is used to refer to something or someone and join the two sentences about the same person or thing together.

We use "which" to give more information about a thing or an animal. For example, "There are some very good art books which you can get ideas from."
We use "who" to give more information about a person. For example, "There was only Mulan who could replace her father to serve the country."
We use "when" to give more information about time. For example, "That was the week when we booked our holiday."
We use "where" to give more information about a place, For example, "The hotel where we spent our honeymoon has been demolished."

Read the following descriptions. Fill in each blank with a relative pronoun from the list given. Each option can be used once only.

A. which B. who C. when D. where
Description Relative pronoun
7a. Mulan's father was a retired general _______________ had come home sick and frail.
7b. The government officials sent warriors to a village ______________ Mulan and her family lived.
7c. Mulan stole an armour _______________ belonged to her father.
7d. Mulan reported for duty in the early morning ______________ her father was still sleeping.

A. A retired general is a person.

B. A village is a place.

C. An armour is something people wear to protect their body during the war.

D. "The early morning" is a description of time.

8. Which of the following is NOT TRUE?

A. Mulan's brother was too young to fight in a battle.
B. People in the army did not know that Mulan was a girl.
C. Mulan replaced his father and reported for duty secretly.
D. Mulan's family was worried when they saw Mulan back.

Your answer:

Read paragraph 5.

“Mulan’s family greeted Mulan with great joy. They prepared a big feast for her to celebrate.”

9. What did Mulan do to make the two warriors believe that she had fought many battles with them?

A. Mulan told them what they had done together in the past.
B. Mulan showed them the awards from the emperor.
C. Mulan showed them by dressing in her military clothes.
D. Mulan showed them how to ride a horse and use a sword.

Your answer:

Read the paragraph 5.

What does "recounted many memories" mean?

The Story of Hua Mulan

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10. What is the moral lesson of the story? Based on the story, which Chinese saying can you think of?

11. What do you do for your family to show your love and care? Think of one experience and share it with your parents or classmates.

Extension Activity

Watch the video clip "Promise to Change the World", which is about China's plan for its future in the way it creates and uses energy. China has promised to stop financing of coal projects in other countries and to help developing countries transition to a green and sustainable future.

Acknowledgements: The China Current


Why has China made the promise? How does the promise affect people and the environment in the world? What would you do to show your love and care for the community? Think and share your ideas or experiences with your parents or classmates.