Commendable Awards

Junior Secondary

A visual representation of "fence" by Eddie Tay

CHEUNG Hoi Ching
St. Paul's Convent School

I love the poem ‘fence’ by Eddie TAY as it really encourages us to live beyond barriers and boundaries, especially during this coronavirus epidemic. We need to do our outmost to fight the epidemic through hard work and dreams. Everyone has aspirations that inspire us to live, fight and keep trying. For me, I will work hard and I will be one of the top badminton players in the world. I will help my sister who is suffering from cerebral palsy to live happily and encourage her to dream big.

I need yarn to wrap a box to make my own prints in repetition and different rotations. Life is like a yarn ball, sometimes twisted, forming wave knots; sometimes big, sometimes small, just like the fence. We need to make our own prints and our own jumpers. The purple patterns created from the yarn symbolise the fence and barriers that build the foundation of our life.

I used white pastel to draw the outline of the skyscrapers, echoing the title of the poem, and light yellow and glittering acrylic to represent light and hope. Let’s dream big as skyscrapers and live beyond the fence.


all eyes looking at the centre

henry aspires to havard business
and throws away his harmonica

jenny is driving a car
into her global spider networked future

jonah unfurls like a creased carpet
on the eighth floor to watch voodoo tv

someone is working on her tablet cv
on winning beans and influencing people

dorcas must pass her abrsm
she bangs on her piano or else her mother

skyscrapers, fence
all eyes looking

Eddie Tay

“fence” was published in Dreaming Cities by Eddie Tay, p.32. Copyrights © 2016 by Eddie Tay.