Outstanding Awards

Junior Secondary

A visual representation of "fence" by Eddie Tay

OR Wing Yan
YCH Wong Wha San Secondary School

My work is about the relationship between the dreams and the eye. We always have our eyes in our dreams and our goals so I use an eye as the main focus of my work. In the eye, it is filled with lots of things, such as money, interests and career which represent some common dreams people have in life: to be wealthy, to be successful, to be talented. On the eye, as lashes, there are different sizes of fence. The different sizes of fence represent different problems. While some are harder to solve, some are not as difficult. To realise one’s dream, one must pass the hurdles and obstacles to get to the skyscrapers.


all eyes looking at the centre

henry aspires to havard business
and throws away his harmonica

jenny is driving a car
into her global spider networked future

jonah unfurls like a creased carpet
on the eighth floor to watch voodoo tv

someone is working on her tablet cv
on winning beans and influencing people

dorcas must pass her abrsm
she bangs on her piano or else her mother

skyscrapers, fence
all eyes looking

Eddie Tay

“fence” was published in Dreaming Cities by Eddie Tay, p.32. Copyrights © 2016 by Eddie Tay.