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Planning and Implementation of School-based Gifted Education - A Web-based Information Kit
Development of Gifted Education in Hong Kong (2000) outlines the three tier service delivery mode of local gifted education. It states that nurturing the potential of students is a fundamental goal of quality basic education and should be the mission of schools. Thus school-based approach is suggested to meeting the needs of gifted students, like their less able counterparts, in all schools. To facilitate schools to build up the necessary infra-structure and start off school-based provision for the gifted, the Education Bureau develops the following Web-based Information Kit on Gifted Education for school reference. This Kit helps school stock-take their resources and assess their own readiness for launching the necessary provision.

This Information Kit consists of two major parts:

Schools are suggested to make use of the Kit to reflect on their current state of readiness and progress of preparation for school-based provision. We hope that the Kit will serve as a tool for schools to initiate a holistic planning and to fine-tune their provision for the gifted.

This Information Kit is divided into three sections:

I. School-based Gifted Education Policy and Development Framework

II. School-based Gifted Education Programme

III. Learning and Teaching