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Establishment of a General Teaching Council Consultation Document


Annex II-Terms of Reference / Objectives and Composition / Membership of Some Teacher-related Bodies

Part I-Advisory Committee on Teacher Education and Qualifications (ACTEQ)


ACTEQ is a non-statutory body set up in 1993 to provide a single source of authoritative advice to Government on teacher education programmes, and on qualifications acceptable for teaching purposes in Hong Kong.

Terms of reference

Having regard to approved policies on teacher education and training, and to the supply of and demand for teachers with the necessary professional qualifications and skills, to advise the Government on :-

  1. the levels and types of teacher education and training activities needed to meet present and forecast needs of schools;
  2. the distribution between activities funded by the University Grants Committee (UGC), and other activities;
  3. the funding, academic quality and professional relevance of activities, other than those funded by the UGC;
  4. the suitability for teaching in Hong Kong of any academic or professional qualification acquired outside Hong Kong, and appropriate measures for assessing such suitability;
  5. the need for any policy changes, in the light both of local needs and of developments in teacher education around the world; and
  6. other matters relevant to teacher education and training which the Government may refer to it.


Total membership
No hard and fast rule. There are currently 21 members.
Ex-officio members (total : 6))
Deputy Secretary for Education & Manpower;
Deputy Secretary for the Civil Service;
Director of Education;
Director of the Hong Kong Institute of Education;
Secretary-General, University Grants Committee; and
Executive Director, Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation.

Other appointed members (total : 15)
teacher education providers (4);
primary school head (2);
secondary school principal (1);
special school principal (1);
kindergarten head (1);
practising teacher (2);
representative from the VTC (1); and
representatives from the business, industrial or professional fields (3).



Last review date: 20 January 2010
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