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Speech at St Clare’s Girls’ School 80th Anniversary Gala Night

St Clare’s Girls’ School

80th Anniversary Gala Night

Wednesday, 7th November 2007


Speech by Mr Raymond H C Wong, JP

      Permanent Secretary for Education    



Sr Catherine, Mrs Chiu, Distinguished guests, Parents, Teachers and Students,


I am delighted to be here tonight to join your 80th Anniversary Gala Night.  We all know that these events are the culmination of a great deal of work, perspiration and inspiration.  It is the collaboration between the principals, teachers, past and present Clarians and students of St Clare’s which brings us all together to celebrate this memorable occasion.



Over the years, St Clare’s has made tremendous efforts to develop a balanced curriculum which nurtures the whole-person development of each student.  The school’s outstanding achievements in sports, music, and volunteer service fully demonstrate the success of this holistic approach to education.  Tonight’s Gala is one exhibit of the great potential of the students at St Clare’s.



The Gala Night marks the 80th Anniversary of the school.  It offers a precious opportunity for all students to share and show what they have learnt in school.  The programme features a wide variety of cultural performance of music, song and dance, reflecting the versatility and the talents of the students.



Cultural and artistic development is an essential component of a student’s learning experience.  St Clare’s has all along placed great emphasis on developing students’ cultural and artistic talents.  The Performing Arts in the form of musicals are a wonderful vehicle to provide the Clarians with an opportunity to express their creativity and language proficiency and to enhance their collaboration and team spirit.  I am sure such learning experiences will have added colour and richness to the school life of the girls.  Students learn so much about themselves as they practice and rehearse for a performance in front of an encouraging audience.  This is great preparation for the challenges and opportunities in life.



So without further ado, congratulations to all at St Clarians and let us sit back and enjoy the variety show.  I wish you all a happy and memorable evening.  Thank you.





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