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Speech at Grand Opening Ceremony of the Independent Schools Foundation Academy

8 March 2008 (Saturday)


Grand Opening Ceremony of

The Independent Schools Foundation Academy


Speech by Mr Michael M Y Suen, GBS, JP

Secretary for Education



Professor KAO (Founding Chairman of the Board of Governors), Professor CHENG (Chairman of the Board of Governors), Mr WONG (SMC Chairman), Ms Lee (Supervisor & Principal), Distinguished Guests, Parents, Teachers and Students,



I am most delighted to be here today to celebrate with you the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Independent Schools Foundation Academy ( ISF Academy ).



ISF Academy was founded in 2003 by a group of dedicated academics and entrepreneurs in the community, with a vision to set up a “Tomorrow’s School Today” and a mission to educate the “whole child”.



Over the past four years, ISF has been providing students with an environment which fosters a lifelong love of learning and critical thinking.  It encourages them to develop a sense of leadership and good citizenship.  It also places balanced emphases in both the Chinese and English languages so as to equip them with biliterate and trilingual competency.  All these help lay a solid foundation to prepare your students to meet the challenges of the 21st century, a rapidly changing society with abundant information and keen international competition. 



Today’s grand opening of your new mega campus opens a new chapter for ISF.  You have commenced a Foundation Year Program this February in addition to your Primary and Secondary Programs, and you have made good progress in getting your Middle Year Program accredited by the International Baccalaureate Office.  Ahead of you are the challenges to sustain your growth and to continue to realize your vision and mission of nurturing global citizens and promising young leaders to become effective problem solvers, lateral thinkers and collaborators.  I am confident that under the visionary leadership of your Board of Governors and through the concerted efforts of dedicated teachers and supportive parents, ISF will continue to reap fruitful results as you journey forward.



On this memorable occasion, may I wish you all good health and every success in the years ahead.



Thank you.




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