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Speech at the Cathay Pacific Special “English On Air” Media Event

16 January 2010 (Saturday)


Cathay Pacific Special “English On Air” Media Event


Speech by Mr Michael M Y SUEN, GBS, JP

Secretary for Education



Mr. Slosar, Volunteers, Principals, Teachers and students of Tung Chung secondary schools :



It is my pleasure to take part in today’s “English On Air” event organised by Cathay Pacific.



It is nice meeting all of you here. Today is about speaking and listening to English in a different environment from your usual classroom settings.  It is about using English for social activities such as interviews, discussions, or just mingling about.  In fact, it is as real as it can get when it comes to the practical use of oral English in our daily lives.



English is a living language. We live here in Hong Kong, the international city of China. People communicate with one another constantly, be it for work or social reasons, through the common language of English.



No other language is able to transcend across as many different races, nations and cultures as English.  In order for you to communicate clearly and effectively to people living in this globalised community, mastering your ABCs’ is as important as knowing your 123s’.



Today is also about putting into use the things you have learned at school.  The English that you have learned lives in you. You look after your English by consistent and frequent usage and practices



The “English on Air” event gives you an opportunity to do so. I encourage all of you to help your English grow on the foundation of discussions and conversations.



I look forward to speaking to some of you here in English.  Thank you!

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