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Education Commission Report No.7 Quality School Education Appendix c - Task Group on School Quality and School Funding (24 February 1997 - 10 July 1997)


Appendices C
Task Group on School Quality and School Funding  (24 February 1997 - 10 July 1997)


The Task Group on School Quality and School Funding should present to the Education Commission, by July 1997, recommendations on the following outstanding issues, which are to form the basis for the final ECR7 -

  1. Training and development : the scope and type of training required for the key players in the school system, the ways to ensure qualities of principals before and after appointment and the resources implications;
  2. School-based management : conditions to be included in the service contracts, qualification requirements for SMC members and guidelines to clarify how schools can comply with the spirit of school-based management;
  3. Goals of quality education and quality indicators : a review of the Statement of Aims and future direction for the development of indicators;
  4. Incentive schemes : the measurement of value-added performance and the introduction of incentive schemes in both primary and secondary schools;
  5. School funding : scope for further flexibility in school funding and the check and balance mechanism;
  6. Quality assurance : the status of the Quality Development Committee, its membership and terms of reference, and ED's proposals on whole school inspection;
  7. Review of advisory boards and committees : the problems and the possible way forward; and
  8. Other issues that may arise during the discussion of the Task Group.



Chairman : Professor Rosie YOUNG Tse-tse JP
Vice-Chairman : Professor CHENG Kai-ming JP
Members : Mr Moses CHENG Mo-chi JP

Mr CHEUNG Man-kwong

Ms Sansan CHING Teh-chi

Mrs Judy CHUA Tiong Hong Sieng JP

Mr Peter LEE Ting-chang JP

Professor Felice LIEH MAK JP

Mr MAK Kwai-po

Mr TAI Hay-lap JP

Sister WONG Kam-lin Annie Margaret

Mr Joshua LAW Chi-kong JP,
Deputy Secretary for Education and Manpower
(until 3 May 1997)

Mr Raymond YOUNG Lap-moon,
Deputy Secretary for Education and Manpower
(from 16 May 1997)

Mrs Helen YU Lai Ching-ping JP,
Director of Education

Mr CHONG Kwok-kit, Assistant Director of
Education (until 30 March 1997)

Mr LEE Hing-fai JP, Assistant Director of Education (from 1 April 1997)
Co-opted Members: Mr FUNG Man-ching

Dr PANG King-chee
Secretary: Ms Carol YUEN Siu-wai, Principal Assistant
Secretary for Education and Manpower




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