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My Pledge to Act 2017 - To Live a Healthy and Green Life



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The Government of the HKSAR set up the “Team Clean” (the Team) in 2003 to establish proposals to improve environmental hygiene in Hong Kong. The Team adopted “Live Hygiene Live Health” as the goal. It urged the public to work together to keep the environment clean and take it as our own responsibility to make Hong Kong a sustainable, clean and healthy city.


In response to the long-term measures recommended by the Team, the then Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) initiated the Pledge Day on “My Pledge to Act: Live Hygiene Live Health” on 5 September 2003, to encourage all schools to make the “Live Hygiene Live Health” commitment on that day. Through participation in collective commitment, students were encouraged to develop a healthy lifestyle, cultivate civic-awareness and keep the school campus clean. Schools could show their commitment to “Live Hygiene Live Health” and the concerted efforts of society be rallied to build a good international image of Hong Kong. The Pledge Day in 2003 was well-received with wide participation of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.


Building on the previous success, the Education Bureau (EDB) has been encouraging schools to make good use of “My Pledge to Act” to promote moral and civic education, so as to sustain the development of students’ healthy lifestyle, character and civic awareness through collective commitment and a series of related activities.



Theme of the 2017/18 School Year


The theme of My Pledge to Act 2017 is “To Live a Healthy and Green Life”, which aims at encouraging students to cultivate environmentally friendly living habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. It enables students to be aware of the current environmental problems and willing to take action in their daily lives to protect the environment. At the same time, students' positive values and attitudes, including perseverance, responsibility and commitment can be nurtured through enhancing their understanding of the health benefits of adopting a green lifestyle.


Rationale and Strategies of Implementation


“My Pledge to Act” aims to empower students to set goals and put them into action through collective commitment. The objective of this activity is to enable students to integrate subject knowledge acquired, the values cultivated and the personal pledges with practical actions so as to help them develop a healthy lifestyle as well as positive values and attitudes; and also rally concerted efforts of schools, families, and other stakeholders in the society to arouse public awareness of the importance of cultivating students’ positive values and attitudes.


Schools are encouraged to have a systematic and holistic plan for “My Pledge to Act” every school year. Measures relevant to the theme of the school year may be incorporated into the school development plan. Appropriate school-based curriculum and learning activities may be designed for the whole school year in accordance with the school’s characteristics and students’ needs.


Diversified learning activities in line with learning objectives can enhance students’ participation and learning effectiveness. For example, make use of Moral and Civic Education lessons, weekly assemblies, class teacher periods, Personal Growth Education lessons, or Life Education lessons, conduct subject-based, co-curricular or cross-curricular learning activities, for whole-school participation, hence creating students a learning environment conducive to nurturing relevant values.


When designing learning materials for the Pledge Day, teachers can make use of “My Pledge to Act” Handbook to encourage students to fulfil their pledges by recording their actions and achievements, which would facilitate review and reflection later on. Also, teachers and parents can offer encouragement and advice, which will play a positive role in encouraging students to cultivate positive values and attitudes.



Resources and Support


As always, to encourage schools to continue to sustain "My Pledge to Act" with the theme of the new school year, the EDB will provide posters on the theme of the new year, and produce resource webpages with diverse reference materials and suggested activities enabling schools to design school-based teaching materials according to the students’ needs for the implementation of “My Pledge to Act” and its relevant activities.



Moral, Civic and National Education Section
Curriculum Development Institute
Education Bureau
August 2017




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