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About YAG

About Young Achievers' Gallery

Mission of the Enhanced Young Achievers' Gallery

The mission of the Young Achievers' Gallery (YAG) is to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong students. It also serves as a social learning hub where the learning outcomes of students in different domains are showcased to allow students, parents, teachers and professionals to learn from each other.


Introduction of the YAG 2.0

The Young Achievers’ Gallery (YAG) was set up in 2007 to recognise and celebrate the outstanding achievements of Hong Kong students. More importantly, the YAG provides a platform to showcase the success stories of our high achieving students with a view to inspiring others to follow their footsteps. The YAG has been revamped in 2015 and being enhanced with more functions. Its online gallery can now reach out to students of all ages and in other countries/regions, and to the general public via the internet.


With the newly introduced multi-purpose exhibition hall and the enhanced mini theatre after the renovation, the YAG is now ready as a social learning hub to enable the exhibition of a wider variety of student learning outcomes. In addition to encouraging students to learn from the success stories of the high achieving students featured in the YAG, this social learning hub also encourages students, teachers and parents to learn from each other’s work when exhibitions of students’ work in different domains are held in the YAG throughout the year. To this end, EDB would collaborate or support NGOs to make good use of the venue and facilities of the YAG for providing the general public with a learning platform.


Background of Young Achievers' Gallery

The idea of setting up the Young Achievers' Gallery (YAG) came up when the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB; now renamed as Education Bureau, EDB) noticed that we were having more and more students participating in different national and international competitions with brilliant achievements. We may need to have a platform to celebrate their success, recognise their efforts and inspire others to follow their footsteps.


The EMB, therefore, planned for a YAG to eulogise those outstanding achievements. Starting from August 2004, a “Data Bank of Hong Kong High Achieving Students” was started to develop. This Data Bank gathered data of award-winning students in different significant competitions from 1997 to 2004. In September 2005, with the collaborative efforts from students, 28 display boards and 12 video portraits featuring their success stories were produced and exhibited to the public in the Fung Hon Chu Gifted Education Centre in Tsuen Wan.


With the Fung Hon Chu Gifted Education Centre's move to Kowloon Tong in April 2006, a much bigger exhibition hall is now available at the EDB Education Services Centre for the YAG and the scale of the exhibition can be further expanded.


Last review date: 20 June 2019
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