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Anti-Mosquito Programmes


Let's Remove Stagnant Water Eliminate Mosquitoes for Healthy Living


Recommended Activities :

1)    Teachers and students are recommended to attend “Anti-Mosquito” talks, seminars ;
2)    Set up school hygiene inspection team to promote and foster students' awareness of school cleanliness and Dengue fever, e.g
* using exhibition boards to let students know the harm done by Dengue fever's carriers, Aedes alpopictus.
* organizing school cleaning campaign which includes removing all sources of stagnant water, water under the flower pots and dealing with accumulated garbage,
* connecting district organizations to run district cleaning activities so that students' community service experiences could be enriched,
* proposing applicable ways to relevant departments to tackle district hygienic problems;
3)    Use “Anti-Mosquito Campaign” as a Project Learning topic;
4)    Invite speakers to give talks on Dengue Fever and mosquitoes in schools;
5)    Participate in activities organized by the “Cleaning Hong Kong Campaign Committee”.
6)    Browse the web site concerning “Anti-Mosquito Campaign” of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department


Last revision date: 24 February 2012
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