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Team Clean


Team Clean

Keeping a city/Hong Kong clean and hygienic depends upon the concerted efforts of all members of our community.  A simple act by every individual could have a profound impact on our personal health, household cleanliness, community environment and even the hygiene of the entire territory of Hong Kong. Many hygiene problems are often the results of irresponsibility, recklessness and a lack of civic-mindedness. Civic and health education  starts at home , is reinforced in schools, and takes hold in our community. Civic and health education is the foundation of building up sense of belonging in the community, and is also the key to sustaining the improvement in environmental hygiene.

We accord high priority to promoting civic responsibility and good hygiene practices among students so that they will grow up to be law-abiding and healthy citizens. Students often serve as agents of change in their families and can help build a caring, civilised and healthy community in future.


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