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Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools


NETworking: Using Sports Communication in the English Classroom

Contents Supporting Materials for Sections 1 - 5

Resource CD Contents


Unit 1 What is Sports Communication?
Activity 1 Introducing Sports Communication
Activity 2 Activating Prior Knowledge

  1. ‘What We Know’ Word Web
  2. Sports Idioms in Everyday English
  3. Olympic Games Crossword

Unit 2 Sports Articles
Activity 1 Introducing Sports Articles
Activity 2 Identifying the Structure and Language Features of a Sports Article
Activity 3 Expanding Sports-related Vocabulary
Activity 4 Planning a Sports Article
Activity 5 Writing a Sports Article
Activity 6 Creating an Effective Title for a Sports Article

Unit 3 Interviewing a Sports Personality
Activity 1 Identifying a Sports Personality
Activity 2 Setting the Task Requirements
Activity 3 Paraphrasing Technical Language
Activity 4 Paraphrasing Card Game
Activity 5 Preparing for an Interview

  1. Categorising Information
  2. Revising Question Forms
  3. Preparing Prompt Cards

Activity 6 Conducting an Interview

Unit 4 Survey Reports
Activity 1 Understanding the Process of Conducting a Survey
Activity 2 Trialling the Survey Questions
Activity 3 Planning and Conducting a Survey

  1. Describe the Background
  2. Develop a Research Question
  3. Write the Survey Questions
  4. Trial the Survey Questions
  5. Design a Questionnaire
  6. Administer the Questionnaire

Activity 4 Tabulating and Interpreting the Data
Activity 5 Reporting Survey Results
Activity 6 Presenting the Survey Report

Unit 5 Fan Pages
Activity 1 What is a Fan?
Activity 2 Exploring a fan Page
Activity 3 Profiling an Athlete

  1. Identifying the Information in a Profile
  2. Identifying the Tone of a Profile

Activity 4 Creating a fan Page

Unit 6 Sports Product Review
Activity 1 Introducing the Purpose of Product Reviews
Activity 2 Identifying the Structure of a Product Review
Activity 3 The Language of Product Reviews: Complexity of Structure and Use of Technical Terms
Activity 4 Evaluating a Product review
Activity 5 The Language of Product Reviews: Being Objective
Activity 6 Writing a Sports Product Review

Unit 7 Sports Communication Olympics
Activity 1 Rapid-fire Card Matching
Activity 2 Come on – Ask me!
Activity 3 What does it Mean?
Activity 4 What is in the Survey?
Activity 5 Call the Editor!
Activity 6 Slick Pitch
Activity 7 I’m Hearing You!


Supporting materials for Unit 1

Supporting materials for Unit 2
Teacher Notes
Assessment Form

Supporting materials for Unit 3
Game Cards
Assessment Form

Supporting materials for Unit 4
Audio Tapescript
Assessment Form

Supporting materials for Unit 5
Assessment Form

Supporting materials for Unit 6
Assessment Form

Supporting materials for Unit 7
Game Cards
Audio Tapescript
Assessment Form


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