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Enhanced NET Scheme in Secondary Schools


NETworking: Workplace Communication in the English Classroom


Supporting Materials for Unit 3



Table of Contents

Unit 1 Business Writing

Unit 2 Presentation Skills

Unit 3 Projects
1. Transportation
2. Banking
3. Hotels
4. Public Relations
5. Sales

Alignment with Elective Part of the Three-year
Senior Secondary English Language Curriculum

Project 1
Task 2 (P.54)         
Task 3 (P.55)         
Task 3 (P.57)         
Task 4 (P.60)         
Task 5 (P.62)          
Answer Key (P.50 & 52)

Project 2
Task 2 (P.79)         
Task 5 (P.88)         

Project 3
Task 2 (P.104)         
Task 2 (P.107)         
Task 3 (P.110)          
Task 4 (P.113)         

Project 5
Answer Key (P.142, 143 & 150)



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