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Frequently Asked Questions



What are the considerations when applying for support services provided by the School-based Support (Kindergarten) Section?


When applying for support services of the School-based Support (Kindergarten) Section, the schools should choose the services that match the foci of their school development plan so as to meet their school needs. It would be desirable for all teaching staff to discuss and agree on the need of application and the focus of support before submitting the application.



How to apply for support services provided by the School-based Support (Kindergarten) Section?


Schools can apply for support services via the internet system. The Education Bureau would issue a circular memorandum and organize a briefing session to introduce the support themes and application procedures. Schools are encouraged to attend the briefing session in order to have a more thorough understanding of the support services. Moreover, schools which have previously applied for support services can make their application again according to their needs.


 3.  Can the focus of support or participating class level be amended afterwards?

If there are any changes on support details due to special reasons after applying for the “On-site Professional Support Services”, the schools can discuss with the officers of the School-based Support (Kindergarten) Section and work out the best arrangement. In addition, officers will discuss with schools and make suitable amendments during the first meeting.




Can schools still apply for support services of the School-based Support (Kindergarten) Section if they have also applied for the project offered by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR)?


If schools simultaneously join different projects, it may create great burden on school administration, allocation of resources, etc. Therefore, it is advisable for schools to apply for the support service according to their resources and developmental focus and needs.

Moreover, the project of SCOLAR is also considered as a support service. In case schools are offered services from SCOLAR, the School-based Support (Kindergarten) Section will allocate the support resources to other schools which have not had any support services.




Will schools need to make special arrangements when joining the “Mainland-Hong Kong Teachers Exchange & Collaboration Programme”?


Yes, each school should at least have one teacher who can communicate in Putonghua and act as the main working partner and the bridge between the school and the Mainland expert teacher. Also, the schools should provide a satisfactory working environment and adequate resources (e.g. IT facilities, desks and stationery) to facilitate the Mainland expert teachers in collaborating with other class teachers in the school.


 6. Will the support services increase teachers’ workload?


Basically the various support services are implemented within school hours. The schools can also allocate manpower resources to suit the needs of the programmes.


Last revision date: 13 March 2019
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