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School-based Curriculum Development in the Primary Schools - "Journey on Learning in Action" Seminar Series


Since 2001, the School-based Curriculum Development (Primary) Section organized the "Journey on Learning in Action" Seminar Series in early spring. We invited teachers who work with us in School-based Curriculum Development to share their valuable experiences, knowledge and feelings with their counterparts. The presentations made in the seminars are listed below for teachers' information.





"Learning in Action: Working Towards Professional-led, Collaborative

and Enquiry-driven Learning and Teaching" Seminar



"Learning in Action: Converging Wisdom for Deeper

Learning" Seminar



"Learning in Action: Diversified Teaching;

Ubiquitous Learning" Seminar






"Learning in Action: Engaging Students

in the Process of Learning" Seminar


"From understanding learning to deepening

learning" Seminar 


"Learning, Teaching and Assessment"







"Delving into Learning; Broadening Thinking" Seminar


Learning & Teaching – Intellect & Affection Seminar booklet

"Learning & Teaching – Intellect & Affection" Seminar


Teach to Learn – Learn to Teach Seminar booklet

"Teach to Learn – Learn to Teach" Seminar





Experience, Explore, Enlighten Seminar booklet

"Experience, Explore, Enlighten" Seminar


Innovation.Cogitation Seminar booklet

"Innovation.Cogitation" Seminar


Changing Practice, Changing Minds Seminar booklet

"Changing Practice, Changing Minds" Seminar





Sharing sessions of Journey on Learning in Action: taking off from students learning booklet

Sharing sessions of "Journey on Learning in Action:

taking off from students' learning"


Sharing sessions of school-based action research on

'Response to educational research by teachers'

professionalism - Learning by Doing'


Sharing sessions of school-based action research

on 'Evidence-based Practices

- Learning by Doing'





Sharing sessions of school-based action research

on 'Learning by Doing - Working for Betterment'




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