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Language Support Programmes and Learning Materials for Secondary Schools


The following gives brief descriptions of the language support programmes and learning materials available for secondary schools:

(1) Bridging English Across Primary and Secondary Education (1996) (For bridging from Primary 6 to Secondary 1)
This booklet is designed for teachers who have to help students master the English language on transferring from Primary 6 to Secondary 1.
The contents of this booklet are presented in the question-and-answer format for easy reading. It makes suggestions to teachers on how to approach the problems arising from the English gap.


(2) Support Measures for Student Adaptation in English-medium Schools (For Secondary 1 students learning through the medium of English)
This programme comprises packages of teaching materials for English and non-language subject teachers, and a self-access package of materials for Secondary 1 students in English-medium schools.


(3) Enrichment Programme for Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 Students in Chinese-medium Schools (2003) (For Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 levels)
This enrichment programme is designed for Secondary 2 and Secondary 3 students in CMI schools to enrich their exposure to English. The programme comprises 60 teaching modules on cross-curricular topics.


  The resource package was issued to schools in 2001.
(4) Learning in the English Medium in Secondary 4 (1996) (For Secondary 4 level)
  This booklet suggests ways for schools and teachers to provide assistance, devise teaching plans and apply strategies that will enable Secondary 4 students to learn through the English medium.


 (5) Intensive English Course (IEC) Resource Package (Revised Edition1999) (For Secondary 6 level)
  The IEC aims to help Secondary 6 students become effective learners of English and to raise their motivation in learning English.
  The IEC comprises 10 thematic modules for Secondary 6 students using English as the medium of instruction. Teachers are encouraged to adapt the materials to suit their students?needs and promote students?self-access learning.


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