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 *  In 2008, there were worrying trends of increasing number of young people abusing psychotropic substances and a lowering of age of the drug abusers.  To ensure the healthy growth of our young people, in 2008 the Education Bureau (EDB) advised all schools to formulate a school-based Healthy School Policy (HSP) with an anti-drug element for institutionalizing an anti-drug culture in schools and setting out support measures provided by the Administration to schools.


 *  In February 2010, EDB issued another Circular No. 2/2010 announcing the implementation details of the HSP and introducing the Anti-drug Resource Kit for Schools.  And starting from the 2010/11 school year, schools are encouraged to formulate a school-based HSP by reintegrating their existing resources to develop a healthy and pleasurable school environment.  This is to build up healthy lifestyles, positive values and proactive attitudes among students from their young age, thereby enhancing their resilience and immunization against adversity.


 *  Although youth drug abuse situation has been improved in recent years, the Administration is concerned about the increasing trend of hidden drug abuse among young people.  Home-school cooperation is crucial in preventing the youth drug abuse problem.  Besides, we notice that there is a worrying trend of increasing number of youths involved in trafficking of drugs and a lowering of age in related offences.  Apart from encouraging all schools to formulate the HSP, the EDB also encourages them to arrange anti-drug education activities for parents to strengthen parents' anti-drug knowledge and skills for identifying drug abuse children.  Regarding the anti-drug education for parents, please browse the following webpage.


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