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List of Sketch Plans in the Furniture and Equipment List of a Standard Design Secondary School and Primary School

Sketch No.
Board, attendance  PDF (306 KB)
Desk, office, steel  PDF (322 KB)
Desk, office, steel  PDF (329 KB)
Tray, filing  PDF (311 KB)
Keyboard  PDF (171 KB)
Cabinet, first-aid  PDF (704 KB)
Steel typing chair  PDF (229 KB)
Desk, office, steel  PDF (270 KB)
Chair, examination  PDF (223 KB)
Desk, examination  PDF (287 KB)
Bench, woodwork  PDF (63 KB)
Bench hook  PDF (63 KB)
Stool, wooden  PDF (60 KB)
Periodical rack  PDF (55 KB)
Basket drawer  PDF (60 KB)
Storage rack, steel  PDF (309 KB)
 Inclined Pull-up (IPU) Stand PDF (63 KB)
Etching press  PDF (112 KB)
Suggestion box  PDF (49 KB)
Tea table  PDF (42 KB)
Teapoy  PDF (61 KB)
Sofa (2-seater)  PDF (65 KB)
Sofa (3-seater)  PDF (66 KB)
Bookcase  PDF (41 KB)
Visible card index  PDF (48 KB)


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