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Induction Programme


Induction Programme for Newly Arrived Children

To help the newly arrived children cope with adjustment problems and learning difficulties which they generally encounter when they are newly joining the local education system, the Education Bureau has introduced an Induction Programme for the children newly arrived from the mainland and for the newly arrived non-Chinese speaking (NCS) children & returnee children since April 1995 and October 2000 respectively.



To help newly arrived children adapt to the local social environment and education system



The programme is run by non-government organizations with the subsidy of the Education Bureau.
Each class of the programme lasts for 60 hours and is offered free of charge to the following children -

For Children Newly Arrived from the Mainland
Children from the mainland aged 6 to 18, who have arrived Hong Kong for less than one year, or have studied in local schools in Hong Kong for less than one year.

For NCS Children
NCS children aged 6 to 18, who have arrived Hong Kong for less than one year, or have studied in local schools in Hong Kong for less than one year.

For Returnee Children
Returnee children aged 6 to 18, who have returned to Hong Kong for less than one year, and have not studied in Hong Kong for the past three years.

Classes are conducted in small group of 10-15 children and can be operated during daytime, evening of weekdays or weekends at the discretion of the non-government organizations and depending on the needs of the children.


Programme Contents

1. Programme contents include personal development, social adaptation and basic learning skills
2. Depending on the background and needs of the participating children, non-government organizations running the programme should flexibly allocate the 60 hours to the following
components -
knowing the local community / the local culture / the cultural differences
knowing the local education system
learning traditional Chinese characters / Cantonese and basic Chinese / basic English and classroom English
acquiring basic learning skills
acquiring communication skills / learning how to accept and get along with others
handling emotions
enhancing self-image and self-confidence
basic life education



Enquiries can be made by telephone (2892 6190) during office hours.

List of centres operating the programme can be found in EDB website.


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