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Classroom Language Assessment


General Information 

The Classroom Language Assessment (CLA) paper takes the form of lesson observation lasting for a single period by one assessor.  Candidates are assessed once with about 40% of them receiving a second assessment visit by another assessor in order to verify the actual attainment of various CLA standards.  For candidates selected for the second assessment visit, their assessment is considered complete only when both visits are completed. At the beginning of the assessment period, a number of candidates will receive a paired visit in which two assessors observe the same period.


The date of the CLA will be assigned by the assessors.  Candidates will receive notification at least five days before the assessment.


CLA applicants should submit during registration a copy of the school calendar and their full teaching timetable as officially issued by the school.  Each copy should bear the name of the applicant, the Demand Note No. (if applicable), the name of the school and the school chop.  In case of special circumstances when the applicant has to leave the teaching post or is not able to teach temporarily during part of the assessment period, related details should be marked in the school calendar.  Applications will be considered by the Education Bureau on a case-by-case basis.  Any subsequent changes to the information submitted must be reported to the Language Teacher Qualifications Team of the EDB as soon as possible (Tel. No.: 2892 5783, Fax No.: 2123 1229).  Without verified evidence at the time of registration that the applicant is teaching the language subject within the assessment period (4 November 2019 (Monday) to 9 April 2020 (Thursday)), application for CLA will not be accepted.


Entry Requirements

Applicants applying to take the CLA must be teachers in public sector schools, DSS schools, or local private primary/secondary day schools offering a full curriculum, who

(i) are teaching or co-teaching English Language / Putonghua in the 2019/20 school year; OR

(ii) held a permanent post and taught English Language / Putonghua in or after the 2000/01 school year but failed to meet the LPR; OR

(iii) attempted but failed the CLA.



For enquiries concerning LPAT arrangements, please contact the HKEAA at 3628 8860. For enquiries concerning Classroom Language Assessment, please contact the Language Teacher Qualifications Team, EDB at 2892 5783.

Last revision date: 03 September 2018
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