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Lecture Notes

    Bulletpoint  2015/16


    Bulletpoint  Guidance and Discipline Parade 2015/16

        Bulletpoint TWGHs Ma Kam Chan  Memorial Primary School CHI

        Bulletpoint Society of Boys' Centres Shing Tak Centre School CHI

        Bulletpoint SKH Good Shepherd Primary School CHI

        Bulletpoint ST. Joan of Arc Secondary School CHI

        Bulletpoint Homantin Government Secondary School CHI


    Bulletpoint Seminar on “Promoting Positive Discipline in Primary Schools” (2016.6.17)


        Bulletpoint Positive Discipline in primary schools CHI


        Bulletpoint School Sharing - HK & MACAU LUTHERAN CHURCH PRIMARY SCHOOL CHI


        Bulletpoint School Sharing - SKH TIN SHUI WAI LING OI PRIMARY SCHOOL CHI


    Bulletpoint Antibullying Campaign Sharing Session (2016.5.9)


        Bulletpoint Co-creating a Harmonious School - Primary School Sharing (Taipo Baptist Church Public School) CHI


        Bulletpoint Co-creating a Harmonious School - Secondary School Sharing (Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School (West Kowloon)  CHI


    Bulletpoint Seminar on "Prevention and Intervention of Suspected Child Sexual Abuse Cases" (2016.4.29)


        Bulletpoint Intervention of Suspected Child Sexual Abuse Cases CHI


        Bulletpoint Psychological Traits of the Child with Sexual Abused CHI


    Bulletpoint Seminar on Comprehensive Student Guidance Service in Primary Schools: Planning, Motivating, Implementing of Personal Growth Education (PGE) (2016.4.26) 


        Bulletpoint Planning,Motivating, Lesson Designing -- Thinking in New Direction  CHI


        Bulletpoint Questioning and Debriefing Skilling of PGE  CHI


        Bulletpoint Strength --BINGO(Worksheet)  CHI


    Bulletpoint Seminar for teachers on Emotional Quotient  and Resilience Enhancement


        (1) 2016.4.8

              Bulletpoint Life Education and Resilience Enhancement - Mr LEE Hon-chuen PDF CHI

              Bulletpoint School Practice in Life Education - Mr TSE Hung-sum PDF CHI

              Bulletpoint Identification and Handling of Student Suicide Crisis - Prof Paul YIP PDF


        (2) 2016.4.15 

              Bulletpoint How Life Education Can Promote Treasuring life - Mr Raymond KONG PDF CHI

              Bulletpoint School Practice in Life Education - Law Ting Pong Secondary School PDF

              Bulletpoint Early Identification and Crisis Assessment - Dr MAK Wing-chit PDF CHI               


        (3) 2016.4.22 

              Bulletpoint Using Positive Psychology to promote positive attitude of students - Ms Carol YEW PDF CHI

              Bulletpoint Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Training - Ms Angie SHUM PDF 

              Bulletpoint School Practise in promoting positive culture - PHC Wing Kwong College PDF CHI


        (4) 2016.4.29

              Bulletpoint Early Identification, Crisis Assessment and Strengthening of Students' Resilience - Dr. CHUI Wing Ho, WilliamPDF

              Bulletpoint Practising Positive Psychology in curriculum design and school activities - Dr. KWOK LAI Yuk-ching, Sylvia PDFCHI 

              Bulletpoint School Practice in Strengthening Students' Resilience - Stewards Pooi Tun Secondary School PDF CHI


    Bulletpoint Seminar for Parents on Emotional Quotient and Resilience Enhancement (2016.3.18)

         Bulletpoint Identification and handling youth with emotional disturbance - Dr LEE Yiu-kee PDF CHI 

            Video CHI  

        Bulletpoint To enhance parents' support in building children's positive emotions - Ms KWOK Wai-wai PDF CHI 

            Video CHI 


    Bulletpoint Seminar on Emotional Quotient and Resilience Enhancement (2015.12.11)


        Bulletpoint Walking Together --- Relationships among Teachers, Students and Parents CHI


        Bulletpoint Identifying and intervening students with emotional disturbance CHI


    Bulletpoint Seminar on Early Identification and Intervention for the Student Affected by Child Abuse and Domestic Violence (2015.12.9)


        Bulletpoint Early Identification and Intervention for Students Affected by Child Abuse CHI


        Bulletpoint Case Sharing CHI


        Bulletpoint Early Identification and Intervention for Students Affected by Domestic Violence CHI


        Bulletpoint Case Sharing CHI


    Bulletpoint Half-day Seminar on "Managing Students with Behavioral & Emotional Diffculties in School" (2015.11.24) CHI


    Bulletpoint Seminar on “Home School Cooperation: Actively Support Students to Deal with Stress” (2015.10.15)


        Bulletpoint Difficulties, Challenges and Strengths of the Youth CHI


        Bulletpoint Walking Together --- Relationships among Teachers, Students and Parents CHI


        Bulletpoint Resilience Enhancement --- Whole School Approach CHI


    Bulletpoint  Half-day Seminar on "Identification and Prevention of Students becoming Hidden Youth" (2015.10.14) CHI

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