Education Reform Highlights

The Education Commission (EC) submitted to the Government the "Reform Proposal for the Education System in Hong Kong" in September 2000. In his Policy Address 2000, the Chief Executive endorsed the recommendations made by the EC for reforming the education system in Hong Kong . The scope of the reform covers the curricula, the assessment mechanisms as well as the admission systems for different stages of education. The Government has published a timetable for implementing the reform measures. We have adhered to the timetable and consulted the key stakeholders and advisory bodies concerned in implementing the individual reform measures. Support measures for schools and teachers are being put in place to ensure that the reform can be implemented smoothly and effectively.


In December 2006, the EC issued the fourth "Progress Report on the Education Reform" providing a detailed account of the progress in the seven key areas of the education reform since its last three reports in January 2002, June 2003 and December 2004. The fourth EC reporting session was also held for various stakeholders to hear their views on the reform implementation.


According to the timetable, the EC has completed a review on the medium of instruction for secondary schools and Secondary School Places Allocation. The EC submitted its report to the Government in early December 2005 and the Government has accepted all the recommendations put forward by the EC. The Primary One Admission system has been reviewed and it is recommended that the existing mechanism should continue. An interim review on the curriculum reform was also carried out in 2006/07.


For the consultation documents and other reports on the education reform, please visit the web site of the Education Commission.

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