Regional Education Offices



Regional Education Offices (REOs) were set up in July 2000 to forge a closer partnership with schools and to provide comprehensive and integrated services to schools and the public at the district level.



Four REOs are located in Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories East and New Territories West respectively. Under the supervision of the Principal Assistant Secretary (School Development), the REOs are headed by two Principal Education Officers. The 18 School Development Sections in the REOs, comprising Education Officers (Administration), Inspectors and Specialists, provide a full range of professional support services to schools, such as school administration, curriculum development, learning and teaching, student guidance and psychological services.



The REO positions itself to take a lead in education development in its region. It is responsible for, and responsive to, the needs of students, teachers, schools and other stakeholders it serves.


Main Duties


Enhancing school development



Facilitating schools to implement School-Based Management which includes supporting schools to devise development plans and conduct self-evaluation



Providing school-based support services to schools





Networking teachers/schools at the district level for dissemination of good practices and experience sharing with a view to promoting quality education




Implementing policies



Promoting and implementing policies/initiatives under the Education Reform and Curriculum Reform and supporting schools in their implementation of the policies/initiatives



Explaining education policies/initiatives to the community, including District Council members, and enlisting their support in implementation





Overseeing the quality of education in schools, and providing professional support to schools on administration matters as well as learning and teaching




Handling matters relating to the closure and reprovisioning of schools




Regulating kindergartens and other private schools



Processing applications for fee increase and operation of new courses/subjects



Conducting inspections to ensure schools' compliance with the Education Ordinance and the Education Regulations





Other services



Answering public enquiries, providing information and handling complaints



Providing placement services to newly arrived children and other students who require assistance



Representing the Bureau at District Council and related sub-committee meetings



Participating in district educational and related functions


Hong Kong Regional Education Office
3/F, 14 Taikoo Wan Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong
2863 4646
2865 0658
District School Development Sections
Central & Western District
2863 4678
2543 3051
Southern District
2863 4664
2865 0491
Wan Chai District
2863 4626
2572 0800
Islands District
2863 4634
2865 1458
Hong Kong East District
2863 4649
2865 1432


Kowloon Regional Education Office
Podium-1/F, East Block, Education Bureau Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre, 19 Suffolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
3698 4108
2770 2012
District School Development Sections
Kowloon City District
3698 4141
2715 6249
Sham Shui Po District
3698 4196
2720 9699
Sai Kung District
3698 4206
2783 0354
Kwun Tong District
3698 4178
2783 7521
Wong Tai Sin District
3698 4219
2782 6043
Yau Tsim & Mong Kok District
3698 4163
2781 0206


NT East Regional Education Office
22nd Floor, Landmark North,
39 Lung Sum Avenue, Sheung Shui, NT
2639 4876
2672 0357
District School Development Sections
Tai Po District
2639 4856
2672 3747
North District
2639 4858
2676 0011
Sha Tin District
2639 4857
2602 2214


NT West Regional Education Office
19th Floor, Chinachem Tsuen Wan Plaza, 457 Castle Peak Road,
Tsuen Wan, NT
2437 7272
2416 2750
District School Development Sections
Kwai Chung & Tsing Yi District
2437 5433
2480 3614
Tsuen Wan District
2437 5457
2498 1923
Tuen Mun District
2437 5483
2416 5710
Yuen Long District
2437 7217
2416 3240



Pilot Scheme on Telephone Recording System


The Education Bureau's 24-hour Automatic Telephone Enquiry system : 2891 0088


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