Seven Learning Goals of Secondary Education




Updated Seven Learning Goals of Secondary Education


To enable students to

  • become an informed and responsible citizen with a sense of national and global identity, appreciation of positive values and attitudes as well as Chinese culture, and respect for pluralism in society
  • acquire and construct a broad and solid knowledge base, and to understand contemporary issues that may impact on students’ daily lives at personal, community, national and global levels
  • become proficient in biliterate and trilingual communication for better study and life
  • develop and apply generic skills in an integrative manner, and to become an independent and self-directed learner for future study and work
  • use information and information technology ethically, flexibly and effectively
  • understand one’s own interests, aptitudes and abilities, and to develop and reflect upon personal goals with aspirations for further studies and future career
  • lead a healthy lifestyle with active participation in physical and aesthetic activities, and to appreciate sports and the arts


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