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[In Chinese only]
  • 雙重特殊資優生:有注意力不足/過度活躍症的資優生
  • 雙重特殊資優生:有讀寫困難的資優生
  • 雙重特殊資優生:有自閉症的資優生
  • School personnel from primary and secondary schools
  • Parents
  • For teachers and parents to understand the needs of twice-exceptional students and effective supporting strategies

資優生情意輔導攻略- 處理資優生課堂的情緒和行為問題

[In Chinese only]

  • School personnel from primary and secondary schools
  • Parents

  • Assists teachers and parents to understand the affective characteristics of gifted students
  • Analyses the learning and affective needs of different types (including underachievers and twice-exceptional) of gifted students through 12 authentic primary and secondary school student cases
  • Provides immediate, short-term and medium-term strategies to support gifted students from various perspectives
Gifted Education NewsletterUpdate
  • School personnel from primary and secondary schools
  • Parents
  • For teachers and parents to understand the latest development in gifted education

The Hong Kong Mathematics Creative Problem Solving Competitions 2018/19

    Primary        Secondary

  • Primary five to secondary two students
  • Application is closed
  • Admission form for Primary Heat had been sent to each teacher in-charge via email on 12 December 2018
  • Admission form for Secondary Heat will be sent via email by mid of January, 2019
中國語文菁英計劃 2018/19
[In Chinese only]

  • 小四至中三學生

  • 截止報名日期:

2018/19 Web-based Learning Courses for Gifted/More Able Students (offered by EDB and HKAGE)

  • Primary four to secondary six students
  • School nomination:
    23rd October (Tue) to 13th November, 2018 (Tue)
  • For enquiries, please contact the Academic Programme Development Division of the HKAGE.
    Tel: 3940 0101


Rationale and Principles of Gifted Education Policy in Hong Kong

The mission of gifted education is to fully explore and develop the potentials of gifted students systematically and strategically by providing them with opportunities to receive education at appropriate levels in a flexible teaching and learning environment.

To cater to the educational needs of gifted students, we advocate the following principles:


  • Nurturing multiple intelligences is a fundamental goal of quality basic education and should be the mission of ALL schools;
  • Gifted education should be part of quality education. The needs of gifted students, like their less able counterparts, should basically be met in their own school;
  • A broad definition using multiple intelligences should be adopted;
  • Exploring students' thinking and creativity abilities and social skills should be the foci of gifted education.
  • Schools should provide sequential and multiple educational activities to gifted students at different levels;
  • To compile resources collected from educational parties/bodies as support to schools.


Implementation of Gifted Education in Hong Kong


 This diagram shows the three-tier operation mode in implementing gifted education in Hong Kong




Level 1 refers to using pedagogies that could tap the potential of students in creativity, critical thinking, problem solving or leadership in the regular classroom;


Level 2 refers to offering pull-out programmes in disciplinary or interdisciplinary areas for the more able students within the school setting; and


Level 3 refers to provision of learning opportunities for the exceptionally gifted students in the form of specialist training outside the school setting.




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