Gifted Education Co-op Café
Gifted Education Section, Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau



"Gifted education for all, education for the gifted” is a visionary direction for the development of gifted education in Hong Kong. In response to the increased development of school-based gifted education in schools, the Gifted Education (GE) Section of the Education Bureau developed the School Self-enhancing Tool (SSET) in 2016 as a reference tool for schools to gauge their related school-based provision. To date, more than 150 schools have requested for this tool as reference to plan, implement and review their school-based gifted education.


In order to further meet the development needs of school-based gifted education in schools, the GE Section launches the scheme titled “Gifted Education Co-op Café” (GECC) in 2017/18. By arranging meeting sessions for those schools using the SSET, the GE Section will take these opportunities to exchange views with schools to enhance school-based gifted education development. At the same time, the GE Section will also listen to and collect from schools their good stories and practices of school-based gifted education for wider dissemination.



The Scheme aims:



All primary and secondary schools having registered for accessing or using the SSET are welcome.


Scope of the Scheme

The GECC offers to the registered schools meeting sessions in which curriculum officers of the GE Section will answer questions and provide tailored suggestions to the schools in relation to the following aspects:


  1. Enhancement of school administration and management structures
  2. Curriculum planning, development and implementation in school-based gifted education
  3. Development of measures to support the affective needs of gifted students
  4. Mobilising resources for the operation of gifted programmes
  5. Defining the vision and rationale of school-based gifted education


How to Register for the Service

  1. Fill in the registration form .
  2. Return the form to the GE Section by fax or email at least three weeks prior to the selected meeting session (i.e. the earliest date selected). You will receive an acknowledgement reply with the confirmed date from the GE Section in 10 working days.
  3. Fax number: 2490 6858 Email address:



For enquiries, please contact Ms LI Wing-sze, Curriculum Development Officer of the GE Section on 3698 3476.

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