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The Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau (EDB) and The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) have jointly developed a new professional development framework in gifted education for all teachers in Hong Kong. This new framework aims at providing a clear pathway of professional development for teachers by fully utilizing the resources available from both the EDB and the HKAGE. The new framework has been launched since February 2012. 


Objectives of the Framework

There are two main objectives of developing this Framework:

    1. To meet the precise training needs of targeted key school stakeholder groups in Gifted Education

  1. To facilitate sustainable development of gifted education in schools

Under this framework, we strongly recommend schools to have senior staff charged with the following designated roles:


Management of Gifted Provision (資優教育行政管理):

In order to ensure systematic development in school-based gifted provision, it is essential to have a holistic school planning including strategic programming and deployment of resources. It would be even more effective if a senior staff (e.g. principal, vice-principal) can be tasked to take up this role.


Coordination of Gifted Provision (資優教育統籌):

In order to ensure coherence and effectiveness of school-based gifted provision, it is essential to closely monitor the development and implementation of gifted programmes. This can be accomplished by trained teachers who specialise in pedagogical issues, and who can act as drivers for innovative pedagogical approaches as well as to source the necessary resources.


 New PD Framework












Features of the Framework

It is hoped that with this new professional development framework, the professional development pathways of teachers are made more explicit. Teachers can follow the route, according to their roles in school, to enroll in different professional development programmes. More importantly, the framework allows the EDB and the HKAGE to plan and design different programmes that address the diverse needs of teachers taking up different roles in school-based gifted education.


The Professional Development Framework is:

Rigorous and tailored training opportunities are provided for GE Managers, GE Coordinators and subject teachers respectively


Strong emphasis is put on practical strategies for the school environment throughout the courses with hands-on experience and school-based planning embedded


Great flexibility is given to participants through blended modes of study (on-line and face-to-face) with different cohorts available throughout the school year


 Resource building sessions are provided and the school/ teacher networks will further extend their development


Courses are offered by the Gifted Education Section of the EDB (including Online Foundation Course, Enhancement Courses and Advanced Courses)


(1) EDB Online Foundation Course for Teachers - Gifted Education: [Information]

(2) EDB Advanced Courses in gifted education and KLA-based Enhancement Courses:

Programmes Schedule For Primary School 2017/18
Programmes Schedule For Secondary School 2017/18


Website: https://tcs.edb.gov.hk

Enquiry email: gifted@edb.gov.hk  Tel.: 36983472 


Foundation Courses Exemption List


Information about the Annual Hotung Lecture and thematic workshops can be found on the website of the HKAGE

Website:  http://hkage.org.hk/en/tz_programmes.html

Email:  tpd@hkage.org.hk  Tel.:39400103





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