Gifted Education School Network Initiative



The EDB has been attaching great importance to the nurturing of gifted students and actively supporting schools and teachers to cater for gifted students according to the Three-tier Model promulgated in 2000. With the support of the EDB, schools also endeavour to provide Level 1 and Level 2 school-based gifted education programmes and activities. To further promote effective curriculum development and professional exchange culture among teachers, the EDB launched the "Gifted Education School Network Initiative" in 2016/17 school year. The long-term objectives are to develop a hub of excellence in Gifted Education, to facilitate sustainable development of school-based gifted education, to promote sharing of practical experiences among schools, so as to strive to raise the overall quality of education and to nurture more gifted students in Hong Kong.


Gifted Education School Network Initiative (Primary schools)

Gifted Education School Network Initiative (Secondary schools)

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