The School Self-enhancing Tool (SSET)


Primary and secondary schools with school-based gifted education provisions



"Gifted Education for all, education for the gifted” is the long-term goal for the development of gifted education in Hong Kong.  The Education Bureau has been assiduous in developing with the schools the strategies of implementing school-based gifted education over the years to achieve the goal.  We are glad to see the rapid development of school-based gifted education in recent years with increasing number of schools engaging in school-based gifted education provision and stronger professional teams.  Therefore, we establish a school self-enhancing tool in gifted education with an aim to providing schools with more specific indicators for successful development.


The function of the self-enhancing tool

The tool is designed on the basis of five specific domains.  In addition to the description of specific success criteria, some examples of actions are also highlighted as reference.  The tool provides a framework for schools to review the current state of development based on the objective "standards" for subsequent identification of areas for enhancement.  Therefore the school can plan ahead further development in the school-based gifted provision.  It is an effective tool facilitating schools to improve constantly and strive for perfection, no matter the school is well-developed, developing or at an initial stage of development.


5 Domains of the School Self-enhancing Tool


How to use the tool

This self-enhancing tool aims to helping schools conduct self-auditing in different domains and set enhancing actions accordingly.  Individual school can, according to their readiness and available resources, target one or more particular domains at a time to review their progress and achievement.  Most importantly, school management can have a good grasp of explicit and useful data from the reviewing process to set specific, reasonable and achievable targets.  Teacher may download a sample of the tool here for reference.


How to obtain the tool

Teachers in Hong Kong who are interested in using the School Self-enhancing Tool can send a request to the Gifted Education Section of EDB via email (email address:  Please mark on the email subject: Requesting for School Self-enhancing Tool.  Please also provide the basic information of the applicant including name, post title, school name, email address and phone number.  We will send you the full version of the tool to you via email within a week upon receiving your request.  Thank you.

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