Special Educational Needs



On the principle of "one curriculum framework for all', students with special educational needs (SEN), like their able counterparts follow the mainstream school curriculum and are offered essential life-long learning experiences. To put in place the above objectives, the Committee on Special Educational Needs (CSEN) under the Curriculum Development Council is responsible for formulating policy and overseeing curriculum development for students with SEN. In this connection, various ad hoc committees were set up to promote the following work:



As curriculum development is a continuous process, it should be updated and improved from time to time to meet new needs of society and students. It is expected that during its on-going enhancement process, participation and support from schools; frontline personnel as well as parents are essential elements that contribute to its success.


Materials and teaching packages on curriculum for students with SEN have been uploaded for teachers' reference. Ideas and suggestions on the development of the special education curriculum uploading to the website are always welcome. For suggestions and enquiries, please contact the Senior Curriculum Development Officer (Special Educational Needs) at 2892 6524.




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