Overview on Primary Education


The Government's policy objectives are to:

  • provide 12 years' free primary and secondary education to all children through public sector schools. In addition, the Government provides full subvention for full-time courses run by the Vocational Training Council for Secondary 3 leavers to offer an alternative free avenue for senior secondary students outside mainstream education;
  • provide a balanced and diversified school education that suits the different needs of students to help them construct knowledge, develop generic skills, and foster positive values and attitudes with a view to laying a firm foundation for further studies or work, to facilitate their healthy growth and whole-person development, as well as to nurture their lifelong learning capabilities;
  • enhance students’ proficiency in biliterate and trilingual communication;
  • enhance teaching quality and effectiveness in learning;
  • improve the learning and teaching environment;
  • provide students having special educational needs (SEN) with education services to develop their potential to the full;
  • help newly-arrived children (including newly-arrived children from the Mainland, non-Chinese speaking children and returnee children) integrate into the local community and overcome learning difficulties; and
  • enhance the quality, flexibility and accountability of school administration.



In the 2019/20 school year, there are 587 primary schools, 504 secondary day schools and 61 aided special schools.


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