Works Tender Notice

6 number Term Contracts for the Alterations, Additions, Maintenance and Repair of Aided Schools, Buildings and Lands and Other Properties for which the Education Bureau is Responsible (Tender reference: TC HM011, TC HM012, TC HM021, TC HM022, TC HM031 and TC HM032)


Lift Addition for Tai Po Old Market Public School and Lui Cheung Kwong Lutheran College (Contract No. RF GM001)



Lift Addition for SKH Kei Tak Primary School, Buddhist Hung Sean Chau Memorial College and Chai Wan Kok Catholic Primary School (Contract No. RF GM002)


Lift Addition for CCC Kei Wa Primary School (Contract No. RF FM004)


Construction of a New Annex Building for Tung Tak School at Kam Tin, Yuen Long (Contract No. EX HM001) 


Lift Addition for The Methodist Church Hong Kong Wesley College, SKH Holy Carpenter Primary School and St. Peter's Catholic Primary School (Contract No. RF HM003) (with extended closing date/time)


Piling and Advanced Works for Conversion Works of Po Leung Kuk Yu Lee Mo Fan Memorial School and Caritas Lok Jun School (Contract No. PI GS001)



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