Project on Enhancement of Complaint Management in Schools



The Education Ordinance has authorised the Incorporated Management Committees / School Management Committees with the power and responsibility in managing schools. Therefore, schools should formulate their school-based mechanisms and procedures for administering school operation, including the handling of school-related complaints. To this end, the Education Bureau set up the Ad Hoc Committee on Complaints Handling in Schools (the Committee) in September 2011 [renamed as Committee on Enhancement of Complaint Management in Schools in September 2013] to make recommendation on how to enhance the school complaint handling procedures.


Based on the recommendation of the Committee, three phases of pilot project were launched between the 2012/13 and 2014/15 school years to assist schools to establish a fair, just and transparent mechanism, namely the “Enhanced School Complaint Management Arrangements” (the Enhanced Arrangements), for handling complaints relating to their daily operation and internal affairs lodged by parents, students or members of the public. In view of the positive evaluation results of the pilot project, the Enhanced Arrangements is fully implemented in all public sector and Direct Subsidy Scheme schools with effect from 1 September 2017. As all the relevant tasks were completed, the Committee was dissolved in February 2018.


The EDB has accepted all the recommendations made by the Task Force on School-based Management Policy, including expanding the scope of the independent review arrangements to cover school-related complaints lodged by teachers with their schools or the EDB direct. Applicable to all aided, caput and DSS schools, this initiative will take effect from 10 February 2020.  Review requests made by teachers of government schools will continue to be dealt with in accordance with relevant EDB circulars, guidelines, etc.


For details of the Enhanced Arrangements, please refer to the following:



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