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 Form IMC-1a & 1b (Notice of Intention to Establish IMC)

form imc-1a.doc 

form imc-1b.doc

 Form IMC-2a & 2b (Submission of Draft Constitution of IMC)

form imc-2a.doc

form imc-2b.doc 

 Form IMC-3 (List of Proposed Managers)  form imc-3.doc   
 Form IMC-4 (Notice of Assumption of Office of First Supervisor/ Supervisor/ Acting Supervisor) form imc-4.doc   
 Form IMC-5 (Notice of Resignation, etc of Manager)  form imc-5.doc   
 Form IMC-6 (Notice of Vacation of Office of Manager) form imc-6.doc   

 Form 6A (Application for Registration as A Manager)

[Updated version of Form 6A [EDB 77 (7/2012)] shall be used effective from 12 July 2012.  Previous version of the Form is not accepted.]

form 6A.pdf  eForm 6A

CCR Proforma (Proforma on Criminal Conviction Records for Application for Renewal of Tenure of Office of a Manager)

[Managers applying for renewal of tenure of office the effective date of which falls on 1 August 2013 or after are required to provide the duly completed CCR Proforma.]

CCR Proforma.pdf  


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