School Crisis Management

School Crisis Management  

Crises often occur suddenly, disrupting one’s usual coping mechanism. A crisis could be triggered by events such as the suicide or accidental death and critical injury of a student or staff, as well as violent incidents, natural disasters, etc. Often, it will upset a school’s equilibrium and may trigger emotions in students, parents and school personnel.  The Handbook on School Crisis Management : Intervention and Psychological Support in the Aftermath of Crises aims at supporting schools to provide appropriate intervention and support services to affected teachers and students during the aftermath of crises. The Handbook introduces the basic principles and operational procedures of crisis intervention and psychological support, provides a framework, roles and functions of the School Crisis Management Team as well as appendices containing checklists, samples of press release and parent letter, reference materials, etc. The Handbook can be downloaded from this link:


Managing Traumatic Incidents 

To help parents to support their children with special educational needs to handle their sadness and anxiety/confusion when they encountered the death of relatives and friends, the Education Bureau has published a video newsletter.  You may view the video clip from this link : 


Community Resources and Helplines   




Prevention of Student Suicides and Promotion of Student Mental Health

Useful information on prevention of student suicides and promotion of student mental health can be found from the link below:

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