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School-Based Support Scheme Grant for Schools with Intake of Newly Arrived Children

The Education Bureau has introduced in September 1997 the School-Based Support Scheme Grant for schools with intake of children newly arrived from the mainland. With effect from April 2000, the Grant has been extended to include non-Chinese speaking children and returnee children.


1.  To strengthen the support for schools with intake of newly arrived children.
2.  To enable schools to flexibly design programmes to cater for the specific needs of these children.


1.  A block grant will be given to public sector schools upon application. The rate of the grant, just as other grants allocated to school from Education Bureau will be adjusted at the beginning of the academic year if necessary. With effect from September 2019, the rate of the grant is HK$3,877 per child at primary level and HK$5,746 at secondary level. To enable schools to provide timely support for the children at the commencement of the school term, the Education Bureau will give advance payment to schools upon application.
2.  Schools are requested to keep a separate account to reflect all the income and expenditure chargeable to the grant.

Programme Contents

1.  Schools may flexibly use the grant to provide school-based support services for the newly arrived children they have admitted.
2.  Such services include :
providing supplementary lessons (on the Chinese / English subject and other subjects as appropriate)
tailoring curriculum
purchasing teaching aids and resource materials
organizing orientation programmes, guidance programmes as well as extra-curricular activities


Enquiries can be made by telephone (2892 6188) during office hours.

Detail of School-Based Support Scheme Grant can be found in EDB website.


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