Assistance Scheme operated by Uniformed Groups and The Hong Kong Award for Young People for Needy Student Members

(This assistance scheme has been handled by Home Affairs Bureau since 2010)


Participation in UG/AYP activities helps students develop positive values and acquire leadership skills.  Although UG/AYP activities are popular extra-curricular activities in schools, some students from disadvantaged families may not be able to afford the expenses for such activities.


Home Affairs Bureau has provided funding to UG/AYP which operate the Scheme for their needy student members.  UG/AYP concerned may make use of the funding to assist their needy student members in purchasing uniforms, participating in camping/outing activities or joining leadership training courses.  Mode of assistance will be determined by individual UG/AYP. 




The target students are those primary and secondary student members in receipt of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance or Student Financial Assistance.  UG/AYP may also exercise discretion to offer not more than 10% of the approved funding to assist other disadvantaged student members.


For application details for individual UG/AYP, please log on from the link of the below "List of UG/AYP".




Home Affairs Bureau: 3509 8095

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