Prevention of Student Suicides and Promotion of Student Mental Health

Global and local epidemiological research reveals that suicidal behaviour is a complex phenomenon influenced by different intertwining factors, such as mental disorders, substance abuse, as well as other biological, familial, and situational factors (World Health Organisation, 2014). The prevention of youth suicides requires collaborated efforts of different parties of the community to building connection with our youth to create a supportive safety net for them.


Besides, the Education Bureau (EDB) has been encouraging schools to adopt the Whole School Approach directed at three levels, namely Universal, Selective and Indicated as follows to promote mental health amongst students and to enhance support for students with mental health needs. At the Universal level, schools should raise awareness on mental health and enhance mental health literacy of students, teachers and parents, early detect students in need as well as strengthen students’ resilience and mental health. Schools should also reduce the stigma associated with help-seeking behaviour. At the Selective level, schools should put emphasis on enhancing identification and support for at-risk student. At the Indicated level, schools should ensure students with mental health problems (including those with mental illness) could receive timely and appropriate mental health support services.


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