1. Resource Packages and Guidelines

Detecting and Supporting Students with Suicidal Risks


A Resource Handbook for Schools: Detecting, Supporting and Making Referral for Students with Suicidal Behaviours (March 2017)


This Resource Handbook aims to provide school personnel with thorough understanding of suicide including its risk and protective factors, knowledge and skills in detecting warning signs of suicide, and practical tips for responding to students’ suicidal behaviours.  




Supporting Students with Mental Illness 


Teacher's Resource Handbook on Understanding and Supporting Students with Mental Illness (August 2017)

The Resource Handbook introduces the basic knowledge, teaching principles and management strategies for various mental illnesses in children and adolescents with a view to increasing teachers' understanding and awareness of students with mental illness so as to early identify those in need and provide appropriate support and guidance. 





Promotion of Student Mental Health


Information Kit on Enhancing Life Resilience

The information kit aims to provide handful tips to help school personnel and parents early identify students with emotional difficulties and seek timely support, as well as to enhance students’ resilience against adversity.  


For Schools 

For Parents

For Students


Life Education Teaching Materials

We encourage schools to enhance life education through various kinds of school activities, such as assembly and group discussions afterwards or class period, according to their own needs and situation. We have thus prepared a lesson plan and some resource materials on life education for upper primary and secondary school students.






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