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  Bulletpoint  Guidance Digest

         Bulletpoint  Issue 24 Chinese Version OnlyPDF


         Guidance Digest Archive


  Bulletpoint  School Bullying

      Bulletpoint  Understanding Bullying CHI
      Bulletpoint  Preventing Bullying Chinese Version Only
      Bulletpoint  Handling Bullying and Following up Chinese Version Only

      Bulletpoint  ePOSTERs: Regarding Postive Behaviour, Prevent Bullying, Social Relationship and Personal Growth Chinese Version Only ZIP 

          (Self Print Poster - A1 and A2)

      Bulletpoint  Some Tips on Parenting Leaflet 2009 PDF

      Bulletpoint  Co-creating a Harmonious School 

      Bulletpoint  Peace Ambassador Training Manual (Chinese Only) Chinese Version Only 

      Bulletpoint  Help Your Child Develop a Harmonious Peer Relationship in School PDF

      Bulletpoint  Self-control and Handling Conflict Teaching Materials (Chinese Only) Chinese Version Only 

      Bulletpoint  Cyber-bullying and Internet Safety Resources

      Bulletpoint  Related Resources


  Bulletpoint  "WE" Positive Dynamic Scheme


        Bulletpoint  "WE" Positive Dynamic Scheme (Primary)  

        Bulletpoint  Brief

        Bulletpoint  Student Talk               Bulletpoint  Annex 1

        Bulletpoint  Parent Talk

        Bulletpoint  Teacher Workshop      Bulletpoint  Annex 1     Bulletpoint  Activity 2    Bulletpoint  Powerpoint

        Bulletpoint  3 PGE Session plans (Senior forms) Bulletpoint  Session 1  Bulletpoint  Session 2  Bulletpoint  Session 3

        Bulletpoint  3 PGE Session plans (Junior forms)  Bulletpoint  Session 1  Bulletpoint  Session 2  Bulletpoint  Session 3


      Bulletpoint  "WE" Positive Dynamic Scheme (Secondary)

        Bulletpoint  Brief

        Bulletpoint  Teacher Workshop      Bulletpoint  Powerpoint

  Bulletpoint  Pupil Ambassador Scheme on Positive Living (Chinese Only) Chinese Version Only New
        Bulletpoint  Content
        Bulletpoint  Sharing 
          *  Mode 1 (Day Camp) 

                   Primary School

                   Secondary School
          *  Mode 2 (Experiential Activities)
          *  Mode 3 (Group Activities)
        Bulletpoint  Proposal
          *  Mode 1 Sample
          *  Mode 2 Sample  

                  Primary School

                  Secondary School
          *  Mode 3 Sample
          *  Suggested Template


  Bulletpoint  Student Suicide


      Bulletpoint  Prevention of Student Suicides

      Bulletpoint  Package on Prevention of Student Suicide 2019 Chinese Version Only PDF



  Bulletpoint  Others

      Bulletpoint  Graffiti Art Work Collection of "Graffiti: Draw our Healthy School" Project Chinese Version Only PDF 

      Bulletpoint  Case Study Kit on Managing Students' Behavioural Problems Chinese Version Only PDF     

      Bulletpoint  "Life Challenge" Board Game Chinese Version Only PDF

      Bulletpoint  Growing Together Chinese Version Only PDF

      Bulletpoint  Personal Growth Education

      Bulletpoint  Prefect Training for Primary School

      Bulletpoint  Prefect Training for Secondary School :

           Bulletpoint  Development of the Prefect System Chinese Version Only PDF

           Bulletpoint  Training Activities Chinese Version Only PDF

      Bulletpoint  Adventure-Based Education

      Bulletpoint  The Art of Discipline: Inculcating Self-Discipline

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