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What are the arrangements?

Guidance for Secondary Schools
September 1997

What are the arrangements?

3.1 This guidance on MOI will apply from the 1998/99 school year.
3.2 Most secondary schools in Hong Kong should adopt Chinese for teaching all academic subjects, starting with their 1998/99 Secondary 1 intake and progressing each year to a higher level of secondary education.

3.3 Starting 1997, ED will provide MIGA information to schools in September, instead of November. Schools wishing to use, or to continue with, English must demonstrate to ED that they have satisfied the requirements: student ability, teacher capability and support strategies and programmes. To enable timely publication of the MOI in the SSPA Secondary School List for the 1998/99 school year, intending schools should provide ED with all relevant information before mid-October 1997

3.4 For balance in the provision and allocation of school places, schools using English as MOI will be grouped to serve a number of neighbouring SSPA school nets. To minimize student movements at Secondary 4, such schools (if asymmetrical in class structure) will have to turn symmetrical wherever possible.

3.5 A vetting committee chaired by a non-official on the Board of Education will consider information provided by schools. An appeals committee, whose Chairman will be designated by the Secretary for Education and Manpower, will consider any appeals against the decisions of the vetting committee.

3.6 In January 1998, ED will inform schools of the vetting committee's decision. A school may approach the appeals committee if it so wishes.

3.7 To ensure that schools use the MOI most appropriate for their students, ED will:

liaise with schools, conduct inspections and monitor parent or student feedback;
remind schools where appropriate; and
give directions to schools in accordance with Section 82 of the Education Ordinance. 3

3.8 Some schools using Chinese as MOI for their Secondary 1 to Secondary 3, from 1998/99 to 2000/01, may wish to switch to English-medium for certain subjects in some classes at Secondary 4 and Secondary 5. Such schools must demonstrate to ED that they have satisfied the following requirements:

subject teachers being capable to teach in English;
sound school-based support strategies and programmes (such as bridging courses) for assisting students to switch to English-medium; and
students being sufficiently proficient in English for the switch.

3.9 For Secondary 6 and Secondary 7, schools may decide themselves what MOI to be used, taking into consideration the profile of their Secondary 6 intake, and the needs of their students.

3.10 ED will monitor the implementation of this guidance:

every three years, ED will review generally the MOI adopted by schools; and
ED will follow the academic and personal development of the 1994/95 Secondary 1 students in the three-year longitudinal study (from 94/95 to 96/97) up to Secondary 5.


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