Commendable Awards

Junior Secondary

A visual representation of "Thinking of Work" by James Shea

LEUNG Nga Ching
St. Paul's Convent School

The poem that I chose is ‘Thinking of Work’. It is about what happened after a brief storm and what needed to be done to tidy up the Earth. I chose this poem because I think the image that I needed to draw is very intriguing as nobody knows what the earth looks like after being blown clean by a storm, so it is really up to our imagination and creativity to conclude the picture.

In my drawing, I used a ‘polygram’ effect to draw the sky so it looks like if you touched it gently, it would immediately crumble and reveal a clear blue sky. The paintbrush is to paint the sky blue and the dry tree branches holding the sun represent a hand. The clouds that look like ‘waves’ show that the aspect that you’re looking at is above the clouds and way above the sky. The windows flowing out of a window show just how horrendous this storm is. Lastly, there used to be dried grass but we bought some new grass to cover it up.

Thinking of Work

A brief storm
blew the earth clean.

There was much
to do: sun to put up,
clouds to put out,
blue to install,
limbs to remove,
grass to implant.

(The grass failed.
We ordered new grass.)

A limb cracked
in half in the short storm,
short with its feeling.

We saw its innards,
all the hollow places.

Something flew out of
the window and then
the window flew out of the window

James Shea

“Thinking of Work” was published in The Lost Novel by James Shea, p.2. Copyrights © 2014 by James Shea.