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e-Services Portal

The e-Services Portal aims at providing schools and teachers (including principals) a reliable, secure and user-friendly web-based system with multiple electronic services.  The major services include management of teacher profiles, web-enrolment in training courses and emailing.  Teachers’ data collected through the Portal will be used for various educational purposes including data processing and compilation of teacher statistics.  To logon the Portal, please click on the corresponding link below:

  • Teaching Staff:  
General User
  • Administrators:
School Administrator


For 2015/16 school year, the updating exercise on e-Services has been started on 1 September 2015.  Teachers and schools should submit and verify all updated information on or before 4 October (primary schools) / 11 October 2015 (secondary schools).  For details, please refer to the circular memorandum below:

English Version: EDBCM070/2015EN
Traditional Chinese Version:   EDBCM070/2015TC
Simplified Chinese Version: EDBCM070/2015SC


The briefing sessions for School Administrators have been held on 30 June and 2 July 2015.  If you were unable to attend, you may refer to the presentation material (Chinese version only) to have a brief understanding of the e-Services Portal and Training Calendar System.


For a better understanding of the operation of the e-Services Portal, please refer to the Help Manual.  For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us through the following ways:

  1. Contact the Hotline at 3698 3640; or
  2. Email to


Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand/collapse)


(For Teaching Staff)


If a teacher forgets his password, what should he do?

If a teacher forgets his password, he can reset the password himself by clicking on the “Forget/Reset Password” link in the General User Login Page, input the required personal particulars and input the specified email address in e-Services accounts.

Alternatively, he may request the School Administrator of serving school for resetting the password.  Details...

However, if a teacher forgets his password during the “New Appointment/Re-appointment Registration” process and did not provide any email addresses in his e-services account before, please contact us at 3698 3640.


If a teacher loses his “Transfer Key” during the “New Appointment/Re-appointment Registration” process, what can he do?

If a teacher loses his key, he may contact the School Administrator to generate the key again.


How to handle when a teacher cannot select an appropriate subject for his “Subject Taught” in e-Services Portal?  Also, how to calculate the number of teaching periods?

If a teacher cannot select an appropriate subject such as the class teacher periods or reading periods, he may first select the option “Cross KLAs” under the “KLA” field, then select either the option “Others/Subject Not Elsewhere Classified” or “School-Based Developed Subjects/ Courses” under the “Subject” field.

For calculating the number of teaching periods, despite how many days in a cycle, teachers should input them on cycle basis.  Moreover, if a regular lesson is co-taught by 2 teachers, both of them are required to reckon all the periods.  If a lesson is taught in alternate cycles, the number of teaching periods should be counted as 0.5 period, and so forth.


(For School Administrators)


If a school administrator forgets his password, how to handle?

If a school Administrator forgets the MSA password, he can click on the “Forget/Reset Password” link in the School Administration User login page.  After inputting the school number and registration key, press the “Next Step” button and fax the duly completed form to 2119 9826.  Upon our approval, the school administrator should click on the “Forget/Reset Password” link again, the password can then be reset with the above information re-entered.

On the other hand, if it is the DSA(A)/DSGA(A) password, the school administrator can login to the MSA account and change it directly.  For resetting the DSA(T)/DSGA(T) password, he could follow the procedures of “Forget/Reset Password” for teachers.

Should there be any difficulties, please contact us at 3698 3640.


Whom should the school create an e-Services account for?

Teachers are the target group of creating e-Services accounts. Schools have to create accounts for all monthly-paid teachers, including those regular and temporary teachers who are paid out of Salaries Grant, government funds or other funding sources. For daily-paid supply teachers, it is subject to the decision of the school.

Schools should not create any accounts for those who do not have teaching duties such as teaching assistants with supporting role instead of teaching role, or those with invigilating role at examinations or just watching the students with some of their subjects dropped-out.  However, if the teaching assistants have been registered as Registered/Permitted Teachers and are required to perform teaching duties, schools are required to create e-Services accounts for them.


What is the proper way to update an appointment record for a teacher?

Starting from the 2013/14 school year, schools can input multiple set of appointment data (i.e. present substantive rank, term of employment and full-time equivalent) for a certain serving period to form a complete appointment record of a teacher.  Apart from updating these data, please remember to specify an effective date for such changes in the “Effective Date of Appointment Record” to make it complete.  The system will then prompt you to end the previous appointment record with a date prior to the effective date.  Without specifying the new effective date, the system will misinterpret that you want to amend the existing appointment record rather than creating a new one. 


Last revision date: 01 September 2015
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