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Starting from 2014/15 school year, the relevant training materials could be downloaded below:


Year            Date           Name of Programme           Materials         
2016/17 23 Feb 2017

Constitutional Status of the Basic Law and Basic Law Education

   Part 1   Part 2   Chinese
  30 Mar 2017

Parent Manager Sharing Session (Theme: Healthy School and

Positive Development of Students)

   Part 1   Part 3   Chinese
  5 Apr 2017

Teacher Manager Sharing Session (Theme: School Managers'

Strategic Leadership for School Development)

   Part 1   Part 3   Chinese


 Year  Date

 Name of Programme



2015/16    Mar to Apr 2016  

2015/16 School Year - Manager Sharing Sessions

   Manager Sharing Sessions_Part 1   Manager Sharing Sessions_Conclusion   Chinese only

 28 Jun 2016  

How to Enhance the Learning and Teaching Effectivemess?

(A) Assessment for Learning: Theory and Practical Experience 

(B) Basic Competency Assessment and Assessment Literacy

   Thematic   Thematic   Chinese Only  


Year             Date          

                          Name of Programme                         




SSB-based School Manager Training Programme --

Roles and Responsibilities of School Managers

   Roles and Responsibilities of School Managers   Chinese Only          

   3 Mar 2015   

Enhancing School Governance:

Experience Sharing Session of

(A) Pilot Project on Enhancement of Complaint Management

      in Schools 

(B) Pilot Project on Strengthening Schools’

      Administration Management

   Enhancement of Complaint Management in Schools_EDB & Ms Tai  Strengthening Schools' Administration Management_EDB  Strengthening Schools' Administration Management_YCHLCCSPS  Strengthening Schools' Administration Management_YCHWWSSS  Chinese Only  


5 May 2015


Staff Performance Management

(Aided Secondary Schools)

    Staff Performance Management_Secondary_SBM   Staff Performance Management_Secondary_SLPD   Staff Performance Management_Secondary_YWGS   Chinese Only   

6 May 2015


Staff Performance Management

(Aided Primary Schools)

    Staff Performance Management_Primary_SBM   Staff Performance Management_Primary_SLPD   Staff Performance Management_Primary_SECPS   Chinese Only   

11 June 2015



Social Integration within the School Community:

(1) Support Measures for Non-Chinese Speaking Students

      in Chinese Learning

(2) Formulation of School Policy to Eliminate

      Sexual Harassment

   EOC_Session 1   EDB_Session 2_Brief   EDB_Session 2_Circular   EOC_Session 3   EOC_Session 4  


The above training materials would be kept for 3 school years only.


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