Sitemap of Generated Files


729Demand and supply situation of native-speaking English teachers
730Post-secondary institutions
732Quality Education Fund
733Facilitating Mainland students to pursue further studies in Hong Kong
736Supply of talents for hotel industry
772Vocational and professional education and training
775Assisting schools in implementing municipal solid waste charging
776Self-financing post-secondary education institutions
780Provision of physical activities for primary and secondary students
781Implementing sex education
773Post-secondary institutions' innovation and technology research projects and national security
777Arrangements for students of subsidised schools ceasing operation
783Strengthening Physical Education and Arts Education in schools
784Student Activities Support Fund
788Secondary school nets for primary schools in Islands District
778Schools affected by redevelopment of housing estates in which they are located
779Post-secondary institutions
785Facilitating entry of personnel from higher education institutions in Mainland cities of Greater Bay Area into Hong Kong
786Examinations Support System of Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
787Supply of places in aided primary schools
4Enrolment of primary and secondary schools and related issues
5Reading literacy and Chinese standard of Hong Kong students
6New Senior Secondary Subject Information
7Higher Education
8Student departures
9The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
10Vacant school premises
11Programmes offered by colleges/schools of continuing and professional education
12Teachers' employment
13Information technology in education
14Taking care of children's learning diversity
15Support students with special educational needs
16Demand and supply of public sector school places
17Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
18Non-means-tested student loan schemes
20Graduate teaching posts in public sector secondary and primary schools
21Social work sub-degree and undergraduate degree programmes
22Employment of regular teachers with fixed-term contracts by aided schools
23Provision of playgroup services
24Comprehensive Student Guidance Service
25Eliminating sex discrimination and prevention of sexual harassment in schools
26Measures for strengthening the protection of students on the appointment matters of schools
27Governance and management structures of UGC-funded institutions
28Oral examination for the Chinese Language subject of the HKCEE
29English Schools Foundation
30Hong Kong Baptist University
31Schools located in commercial buildings
32Project Yi Jin
33Providing hearing aids for hearing impaired students
34Physical Education
35Applications for textbook assistance under "Principal Recommendation Scheme"
36e-Learning resources
37Teacher Relief Grant
38Promote sports development among students
39Community colleges of UGC-funded institutions
40Special education
41Articulation opportunities for students with SEN
42Create a safe learning environment for students
43The examination fee for the HKDSE
44Textbook prices
45Private Independent Schools
46Cross-boundary students
47Use of information technology in schools
50Teacher employment
49Work pressure of teachers
48Voluntary Optimisation of Class Structure Scheme
52Native English-Speaking Teacher Schemes
51Application fee and enrolment deposit of the courses offered by post-secondary institutions
53National Education
54University Grants Committee-funded social work programmes
55Teacher salaries
56Support measures for non-Chinese speaking students
57Hong Kong students studying in the Mainland
58International Cuisine College
59Educational support for ethnic minority students
6215-year free education
60Measures to improve the competitiveness of Hong Kong
61Vacant school premises
63Debundling Textbooks and Teaching/ Learning Materials for Pricing
64Education support for children of native-speaking English teachers
65Non-JUPAS admission
66Self-financing programmes offered by UGC-funded institutions
67Relocation of Lingnan Primary School and Kindergarten
68Special learning needs of ethnic minority school children
69The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education
70Class structure of secondary schools
71International school places
72Sexual orientation discrimination and bullying in schools
73Small class teaching
74Provision of international school places for non-Chinese speaking children
75Native-speaking English Teachers for special schools
76Supply and demand for school places
77"Academic 2" of the City University of Hong Kong
78University education resources
79Funding methodology of UGC
80Examination fees for non-Chinese speaking students taking Chinese Language examinations
81University education resources
82Entry arrangements for non-local students who wish to enter Hong Kong for study
83Travel subsidy for students
84Chinese learning support for ethnic minority children
85Start-up Loan Scheme
86Vacant school premises
87Secondary School Places Allocation System
88Evening secondary schools
89Moral and National Education subject
90Moral and National Education subject
91Textbook review
92Self-financing post-secondary programmes
93Repayment of student loans
94Support for non-Chinese speaking students
95Study pathways for secondary school leavers
96Recognition of Prior Learning mechanism
97Kindergarten education and study pathways for secondary school leavers
98Non-local students enrolled in UGC-funded institutions
99Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme
100Persons admitted to work in academic research and education sector in Hong Kong
387University student hostel places
388Nursing manpower for special schools with boarding sections
389Student loans
390Kindergarten education
391Non-Joint University Programmes Admissions System
392Assessment of Mainland and Taiwanese educational qualifications
393Governance and administration of DSS schools
396NSS Visual Arts subject
397Kindergarten education
394Closed-circuit television systems in schools
395Playgroups for pre-school children
398NSS Liberal Studies
399Liberal Studies teaching and learning resources
400Language Fund
401Barrier-free facilities in schools
402International school places
403Standard and guidelines for organising study tours
404Education for students with special educational needs
405DSS schools
406Qualifications Framework
407English Schools Foundation
408Vocational training
409HKEAA's performance-based incentive scheme
410HKEAA's performance-based incentive scheme
411Coverage of insurance taken out for aided schools
412E-textbook Market Development Scheme
414Block Insurance Policy for schools
413Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance
415E-textbook Market Development Scheme
416Provision of education on the Mainland for children born in Hong Kong
417Provision of resources to promote the use of information technology in schools
418International school places
419Applications for financial assistance processed by SFAA
420School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes
423Measures to address temporary decline in S1 student population
421Loans for students of self-financing post-secondary programmes
422Allocation of land and vacant school premises for education purposes
424Quality of sub-degree programme graduates
425Learning Chinese as a second language by non-Chinese speaking students
426Standards of the premises and learning environment of public-sector schools
427Vacant school premises
429Regulation of students' use of mobile telephones
428Building special school in Islands District
430Pre-primary education
431Financial assistance for ethnic-minority students
432Learning Putonghua in schools
434Admission of local and non-local students to research postgraduate programmes
433Educational psychologists
436Staff establishment of the Vocational Training Council and its member institutions
671Education expenditure
673Average government expenditure per student
675Early Retirement Scheme for Aided Primary School Teachers
677 School burglary
679History and national education
681School closure
680Preventing students with disabilities from being discriminated
682Defaulted loan repayment of student financial assistance
684Small class teaching
686Specialised Teaching Support Grant
688Education for the ethnic minority children
683Cases of specific learning difficulties
685Matching Grant Scheme
687Research projects of the University of Hong Kong
689Block Insurance Policy for schools
691Education of students of the ethnic minorities
435Assisting direct subsidy schools in acquiring permanent school premises
437Teacher and student participation in Occupy Central movement
439Education for children of Hong Kong people residing on the Mainland
438Vocational education programmes offered by the Vocational Training Council
440Prevention of young students from being sexually assaulted by tutors
441International schools operating in vacant school premises of the Government
442Supply of and demand for school places in the Islands District
443Educational support for non-Chinese speaking students
444Selling of self-financing departments by institutions funded by the University Grants Committee
446Use of public funds by tertiary institutions funded by the University Grants Committee
447Earn and Learn Pilot Scheme
448Teaching Chinese history in secondary schools
449Operation of self-financing post-secondary institutions
450Teaching Chinese history and Moral and National Education in secondary schools
459Non-local students studying in UGC-funded institutions
451Support for ethnic minority students in school
452Application fee and registration fee collected by kindergartens
453Processing of teaching staff members' applications for suspension from teaching work and personnel policies of tertiary institutions
454Education relating to innovation and technology
455Hong Kong people's English standard
456The subject of Liberal Studies under the New Senior Secondary Academic Structure
457Monitoring of self-financing post-secondary programmes
458Duty travels outside Hong Kong undertaken by the Secretary for Education
460Suspension of classes of special schools when tropical cyclone warning signal No. 3 is in force
461Studying history for the appreciation of archaeological discoveries
462Liberal Studies Textbooks
463Qualifications Framework
464Broadening the opportunities for local students to receive higher education
465Discretionary Places Admission under the Primary One Admission System
466Support for non-Chinese speaking students with special educational needs
467Sponsorships for national education promotional activities
468Assistance provided for students with special educational needs
469Self-financing programmes offered by tertiary institutions
470Support received on campus by tertiary students with special educational needs
471Teaching Chinese history in secondary schools
472Curriculum and Assessment Guide and textbooks for Liberal Studies
473Concern about interference with autonomy of tertiary institutions
474Pre-primary education
475Nurturing talents for the architectural, surveying, town planning and landscape professions
476International school places
477Reprovisioning of a school in Yue Wan Estate
478Social mobility in Hong Kong
479Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
480Revision to the curriculum of the junior secondary subject of Chinese History
481Financial management and resource utilisation of the Public Opinion Programme at the University of Hong Kong
482Default problems of the loan schemes administered by the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency
483Territory-wide System Assessment
484Back payments to staff members of subvented organisations in relation to civil service pay adjustments
485Dissemination of information by bureaux to the media
486Quality Education Fund
487The requirements for primary school teachers to be promoted to principals and pay levels of the two types of personnel
488Vocational education
489Learning of the Chinese language by non-Chinese speaking people and recognition of the relevant educational qualifications
490Provision of education services on the Mainland by tertiary institutions funded by the University Grants Committee
491International school and International Baccalaureate programme places
492Installation of air-conditioning systems for schools
493Disciplinary arrangements of teachers of aided schools
494Teacher Relief Grant
495Improving the implementation of the Territory-wide System Assessment
496Homework for primary school students
498Disbursement of Salaries Grant to aided schools for payment of acting allowances to teachers
499Earn and Learn Pilot Scheme
500 Education for ethnic minority students
497Regulation of tertiary institutions and standards of their programmes
501Training provided for prospective teachers on teaching non-Chinese speaking students
502Public liability insurance for aided schools
503Non-Chinese speaking students learning in kindergartens
504Sub-degree programmes
505Overseas duty visits conducted by the Secretary for Education
506Competitive Allocation mechanism of the University Grants Committee
507Management of education funds and scholarship schemes
508Implementation of Qualifications Framework
510Review of the Territory-wide System Assessment
509Donations to local universities made by commercial sector
511Social worker manpower in special schools
512Regulation of playgroups for pre-school children
513Employment of regular teachers on contracts of a defined period
514Utilisation of surpluses of University Grants Committee-funded institutions
515Life planning education
516Support measures for non-Chinese speaking students under 15-year free education policy
517Monitoring of use of public funds and conduct of commercial activities by funded institutions
518Mental health problems of students
521Strategies on Information Technology in Education
519Financial situation of self-financing post-secondary institutions
520Government's support for large-scale skills competitions
522Schools affected by incidents of excessive lead content in drinking water
523Cross-boundary students
524"Belt and Road" Scholarship Scheme
526Financial position of University Grants Committee-funded institutions
527Opening up sports venues and facilities of schools for loan by community groups
528Employment of teachers on contract terms and their retention
529Promoting education on three-dimensional printing technology
530Provision of grants for kindergartens admitting non-Chinese speaking students
531Impact of the decline in the population of school-aged Secondary One students
532Support for Internet learning for students from grass-roots families
533Use of government premises for the operation of self-financing post-secondary programmes
534Promoting reading culture
536Chinese language education for non-Chinese speaking students
535Placement of students with emotional and behavioural difficulties
537Substandard premises of public-sector schools
538Supply of and demand for international school places
540Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme
541Handling of vacant school premises
542Application fees charged by kindergartens
543Making public reports of investigations conducted by Research Grants Council
544Provision of education-related information to non-Chinese speaking students and parents
545Supply of kindergarten premises
546International school places
547Promoting positive and healthy sex attitudes among youngsters
549Basic Competency Assessment Research Study
548Review of Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme
550Allocation of school premises
551School fees charged by kindergartens under the Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme
552Overtime work compensation for teaching staff members of tertiary institutions
553Collection of Tong Fai by schools to support educational expenses
554Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Self-financing Undergraduate Studies in Hong Kong
555Classification of primary and secondary school subjects as compulsory and independent compulsory subjects
556Homework and tests for primary and secondary students
557Inviting secondary schools to arrange for broadcast live on campus the speech of a Mainland official
559Grants approved by Hong Kong Teachers' Centre and Quality Education Fund
560Tuition fees of self-financing programmes offered by self-financing post-secondary institutions
558Free Quality Kindergarten Education Scheme
561Learning of Chinese language by non-Chinese speaking students
562LCQ21: Cross-boundary students progressing to Secondary One
563The use of Putonghua as the medium of instruction for teaching the Chinese Language Subject in primary and secondary schools
564Promotion of a reading culture among students in schools
566Employment of staff in aided schools
565Review of textbooks
567LCQ16: Non-local students being admitted to funded universities through taking the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
568Decline in population of school-aged Primary One students
569Measures to improve special education services
570LCQ12: Employment of academic staff by post-secondary institutions
571Admission of local students holding overseas academic qualifications by universities funded by University Grants Committee
572Programmes for training educational psychologists
573Handling of sexual harassment cases in schools
574Primary One places
575Learning of Chinese by non-Chinese speaking students
576Employment of academic staff by post-secondary institutions
577Opening the facilities of the Hong Kong Design Institute for public use
578Support for non-Chinese speaking students in learning Chinese History
579Promotion of education on subjects related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
580Reducing homework and promoting happy learning
581Administration Guides and the relevant regulations applicable to aided schools and kindergartens
582Prevention of youth suicides
620Procedure for handling complaints against teachers
626Study tours and exchange tours of schools
583Support for children with special educational needs
584Alleviating the financial burden on parents of students
586Elective subjects of the senior secondary curriculum
585Use of e-textbooks and e-learning resources in schools
587Mental health of principals and teachers
588Preventing sexual harassment at universities
589Transient increase in demand for Primary One places
590Works for substandard aided schools
592New measure to support students with special educational needs
591Evening secondary courses
593Serving teachers changing their jobs to work for Education Bureau
594Vacant school premises under the Education Bureau
595Liberal Studies subject under the senior secondary education
596Demand and supply situation of speech therapists
597Mainlanders studying in Hong Kong
598Qualifications Framework
599Provision of self-financing post-secondary education
600Scientific, reading and mathematical literacy of Hong Kong students
602Impacts of social turmoil on scientific research and experiment projects
601Physical activities for students
603Impacts of the epidemic on schools and parents of students
604Assisting children from grass-roots families in undertaking e-learning
605Online teaching and learning
606Teaching of the Chinese history in schools
608Setting and moderating questions for Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
607Professional conduct of members of Moderation Committees
609Moderation Committees of Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
610Impacts of social incidents on teachers, students and parents
611Support provided for children with special educational needs
612Restricting students' freedom of expression
613Student guidance personnel
614Gift Book Pilot Scheme
616Online teaching and learning
617Promotion of STEM education
627Electronic teaching materials
713Promotion of national education
717Students' unions of various universities
718Teachers' understanding of national affairs and upholding of Basic Law
720Evening secondary courses
721VTC Earn and Learn Scheme
714Mainland University Study Subsidy Scheme
715Public's Putonghua standard
716Subject of Citizenship and Social Development
722Teacher wastage problem
723Support for schools and students amid epidemic
245[Archive] Demand and supply of kindergartens
246[Archive] Language Benchmark assessments
208[Archive] New admission mechanisms for Primary One and Secondary One
336[Archive] Demand and supply of medical, nursing and allied health professionals
335[Archive] Schooling arrangement for Mainland Children allowed to stay in Hong Kong on temporary permit
362[Archive] Percentage target set for qualified teachers of kindergartens
363[Archive] Selection of IT character input method
364[Archive] Prosecution of kindergarten operators for overcharging and over-enrolment of pupils
365[Archive] Initiatives to improves the job placement work of the Labour Department
366[Archive] Voucher scheme for tertiary education
194[Archive] Schooling of school-age ethnic Nepalese children and youths
380[Archive] Participation in the Kindergarten Subsidy Scheme
386[Archive] Parent education
373[Archive] Termination by statutory bodies of employees who have been declared bankrupt by the court
198[Archive] Supply and demand for primary school places
337[Archive] Installation of telecommunication transmitting devices in schools for commercial purposes
264[Archive] Education for the minority races
265[Archive] Admission of students with special education needs by mainstream schools
381[Archive] Number of cases and selection criteria adopted by ERB and relevant training bodies on the requests made by employers for collaboration in organising tailor-made training courses
382[Archive] Employment of persons with physical disabilities and suffering from chronic illness
326[Archive] Acceptance of donations from suppliers of student lunch boxes, uniforms and office equipment
327[Archive] Layoff by companies operating Internet web-sites
356[Archive] Working Holiday Scheme for young people of Hong Kong and with New Zealand
377[Archive] Measures for helping parents to appreciate parental responsibilities and acquire the skills in communicating with their children
378[Archive] Private donations received by HKU
339[Archive] Effectiveness of Education Television programmes
340[Archive] Educate youngsters about the ethical conduct to be adopted when using the Internet
371[Archive] Cases of default in payment of wages
331[Archive] Provision of further education opportunities for people with disabilities
190[Archive] Financial situation of the Employees Compensation Assistance Fund
220[Archive] Work of the Steering Committee on Parent Education
357[Archive] Allow children to receive education at home
379[Archive] Refresher courses for serving teachers
204[Archive] Labour statistics
205[Archive] Education disabled persons
191[Archive] Industrial safety in relation to lift shafts
211[Archive] Students who cross the border for schooling in Hong Kong every day
334[Archive] Development of village schools
358[Archive] Recognition of the academic standards of Project Springboard graduates
359[Archive] Noise nuisances caused by the sound amplifying systems in schools
360[Archive] Self-employment Business Start-up Fund to be set up by the Employees Retraining Board
361[Archive] Kindergarten Subsidy Scheme
206[Archive] Examinations of private candidates in science, technical and computer subjects
260[Archive] The issue of Primary Six students being required to attend secondary schools in other districts
259[Archive] Disclosures of information in Kindergarden Profiles by Kindergarten
385[Archive] Long waiting time for admission to courses provided by various vocational training bodies
338[Archive] Teaching posts in government and aided primary schools
368[Archive] Mainland students studying in local tertiary institutions
369[Archive] Statistics on the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme
370[Archive] Monitoring sponsoring bodies in the appointment of school managers, supervisors and principals.
383[Archive] Mechanism for adjustment of interest rates for Non-means Tested Loan Scheme for student
207[Archive] Employers' failure to take out insurance for their employees
323[Archive] Supervision of private school
324[Archive] Provision of international school places
353[Archive] Students being bullied at school by schoolmates
354[Archive] Implementation of the Occupational Deafness (Compensation) Ordinance (Cap. 469)
355[Archive] Students taking up summer jobs
374[Archive] Industry safety
375[Archive] Implementation of the safety management system
376[Archive] Industry safety during thunderstorms
201[Archive] Foreign domestic helpers denied of statutory salaries and benefits
202[Archive] Examination arrangements for disabled persons
203[Archive] Improve the curriculum of secondary schools with a view to improving young people's ability to cope with daily lives
310[Archive] Language proficiency of English Teachers
209[Archive] Protection of the interests of students in private sector schools
210[Archive] Monitoring the operation and effectiveness of the Quality Education Fund
271[Archive] Information technology education in primary schools
342[Archive] Provision of sub-degree and high diploma IT Programmes
343[Archive] Operation of Self-employment Business Start-up Assistance Scheme
344[Archive] Trial Placement Scheme for People with a Disability
341[Archive] Supervision of international schools
261[Archive] Difficulties encountered by students from South Asia children in admission to schools
349[Archive] Supply and demand for places in international schools
350[Archive] Education for non-Chinese children
351[Archive] Employment agencies overcharging job seekers
352[Archive] Sudden close-down of private schools
248[Archive] Student-to-teachers ratios
263[Archive] Employment marriage and youth problems in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tin Shui Wai
247[Archive] Exchange of talents between Hong Kong and the Mainland
212[Archive] Provision of education opportunities to persons educated up to Secondary 3 or below
213[Archive] Youth Pre-employment Training Programme
214[Archive] English standard of university students
222[Archive] Progress of creation of new job in the public sector
243[Archive] According admission priority to children who have elder siblings studying or parents working in the schools concerned
244[Archive] Provision of places in social development schools for maladjusted girls
223[Archive] Hiring young persons to work at night
224[Archive] Craft apprenticeship programmes of the VTC
226[Archive] Creation of job opportunities in the public sector
225[Archive] The Committee on Freedom of Associaiton of the International Labour Organization's repeated recommendations on actions to be taken by the HKSAR Government
227[Archive] Provision and management of libraries in secondary and primary schools
228[Archive] Labour Department's placement work for Mainland jobs
229[Archive] Primary One Admission System
230[Archive] Recognition of associate degree programmes
231[Archive] Statistics on associate degree programmes
232[Archive] English standard of primary students
233[Archive] Monitoring of certificate to degree courses jointly organized with overseas institutes
266[Archive] Effectiveness of the training courses for prospective domestic helpers
234[Archive] Tertiary students' command of English
235[Archive] "Early anrolment of top Form Sixstudent" Scheme
236[Archive] Delay in the construction work of government primary schools
237[Archive] Establishment of the Manpower Development Committee
238[Archive] Supply and demand for Secondary One places
239[Archive] Primary school pupils being bullied at school
267[Archive] Security arrangements for the campuses of various tertiary institutions
249[Archive] Figures on teachers declared bankrupt
240[Archive] Gender ratio of kindergarten teachers
241[Archive] General situation and future of village schools
250[Archive] Provision of Native-English Speaking teachers and English language teaching assistants
251[Archive] Chinese language proficiency of secondary school leavers and university graduates
252[Archive] Mother tongue education
242[Archive] Reduction in number of classes
195[Archive] Expenditure for training medical staff and Employment of graduates
253[Archive] Review of the various student travel subsidy schemes
254[Archive] Financial situation of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
255[Archive] Land reserved for building primary and secondary schools
268[Archive] Complaints against extramural courses of UGC-funded institutions
256[Archive] Regarding the children who cross the border to attend schools in Hong Kong
619Restoration works for and security of tertiary institutions' campuses
621Services provided for persons with intellectual disabilities and their parents
622Shortage of school places in the Kai Tak Development Area
623Education on the Constitution and national security
624Salary arrangements for kindergarten teachers
625Internet devices at home for students from grass-roots families
628Impacts of the epidemic on students
629Overseas studies services
630HKCAA's Programme validation service
196[Archive] Non-local students of HK Universities
305[Archive] Enrollment situation of Skills Upgrading Scheme
257[Archive] Pilot scheme on electronic schoolbags
269[Archive] Security of computer systems in primary and secondary schools
272[Archive] LCQ 2: Qualifications of newly inducted teachers
188[Archive] Study room facilities
258[Archive] Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation
308[Archive] Applications for Continuing Education Fund
309[Archive] Loan scheme for tertiary students
313[Archive] Domestic helper training courses
311[Archive] Skills Upgrading Scheme
312[Archive] Career Oriented Diversified Curriculum
314[Archive] Refusal to lend out venue for holding HKALE by a school
318[Archive] Reading literacy of students
319[Archive] Arrangements for reviewing examination results in tertiary institutions
320[Archive] Financial problems facing kindergartens
189[Archive] "One School One Doctor" scheme
321[Archive] School repair and maintenance works
322[Archive] Demand for kindergarten places
325[Archive] School self-evaluation
328[Archive] Estimates of expenditure on future funding for UGC-funded institutions
329[Archive] Student Travel Subsidy Scheme
330[Archive] Gifted education
186[Archive] Health education
332[Archive] Plagiarism by University academic staff
333[Archive] Strategy on Information Technology for Learning
273[Archive] Supply and demand of teachers
274Teacher-to-student ratios, class sizes and number of teaching sessions
275Language education programmes
276Tutorial centres providing homework support through telephone or the Internet
277Number of students and tuition fees
278Assisting students with special educational needs
279Fund-raising activities by universities
280Small class teaching scheme for schools with a high concentration of disadvantaged students
281Private practice by teaching staff of medical faculties
282Number and use of vacant school premises
283Support provided to teachers or principals for coping with work-related pressure
284Assessing and supporting students with dyslexia
285School Improvement Programme projects and future school provision planning
286Early Retirement Scheme for government primary school teachers
287Hong Kong students studying at Mainland universities
288University tuition fee
289Measures to relieve teachers' workload
290Sex Education in schools
291Statistics about primary and secondary education
292School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes
293Education for non-Chinese speaking students
294Training providers promoting unrelated activities
295Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme
296Medium of instruction adopted by universities
297Teachers' ranks and support for English Language education
298Assistance provided to students with special educational needs
299Student statistics for 2006/07 school year
300Student dropout problem
101Appointment of presidents for UGC-funded institutions
102Tutorial services
103Support for students with autism
104Information Technology for Learning
105Private consultation service by university Faculties of Medicine
106Surplus teacher
107Primary One student projections
108Private consultation services by Faculties of Medicine
109Leak of public examination questions
110University undergraduate places
111Continuing Education Fund
112Primary One place supply
113Cross-boundary students
114Private independent schools
115International schools
116Evening adult education courses
118Tuition fees of government-subsidized non-profit-making kindergartens
119School Textbook Assistance Scheme
120Qualifications Framework
121Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme
122Secondary school places in Tin Shui Wai and Tung Chung
123Nurturing gifted children
124Expenditures for construction of school premises and student halls
125Measures to be taken by the Government to attract non-local students and bring talents to Hong Kong
126Emotional health of students
127School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes
128Outsourcing of cleansing and security services in schools
129Assisting students with special educational needs
130Private independent kindergartens apply for conversion into non-profit-making operation
131Autistic children studying in ordinary schools
132Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students
133Hong Kong Education City
134Education and vocational training for the ethnic minorities
135LCQ10: Post-secondary students loan
136LCQ11: Using Putonghua to teach the Chinese Language subject
137LCQ19: Costs for University Grants Committee-funded institutions expanding their campus space
138LCQ13: Hong Kong students studying on the Mainland
139Barrier-free access and facilities of special schools
140Provision of education to non-Chinese speaking students
141SFAA's discretion to approve applications
142Students' ability to face up to adversity
143Teachers undertaking the duties of teacher-librarians
144Number of places of first-degree programmes
145Retirement and promotion of academic staff in HKU
146Babies born in Hong Kong to mainland women
147LCQ5: The number of kindergarten teachers who had left their job or transferred to other kindergartens
148Tertiary student finance scheme- Publicly-funded Programmes ("TSFS") and the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students ("FASP")
149Non-means tested loan schemes
150Post-secondary students defaulting on loan repayments
151Non-means tested loan schemes applicable to post-secondary students
152Applications for deferring repayment of student loans
153Recurrent subsidy to DSS schools
154Class sizes of special schools
155Self-financing and top-up degree programmes
156Self-financing sub-degree programmes
157Staff employed on fixed-term contracts by UGC-funded institutions
158Places in schools for social development
159Cross-boundary students
160Establishment of incorporated management committees
161Students' right to education
162The piloting of Applied Learning courses
163Non-means-tested student loan schemes
164Resources provided to schools admitting NCS students
165School nurses
166Impact of the New Senior Secondary academic structure on Vocational Training Council
167Non-Chinese speaking students with special educational needs
19Supply and demand situation of student hostel places of UGC-funded institutions
168Secondary school class structures
169Support for the first cohort of NSS students
170Teaching space to support the New Senior Secondary academic structure
171LCQ19: Tertiary Student Finance Scheme - Publicly-funded Programmes and the Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students
172Development of higher education at the Lok Ma Chau Loop
173Information technology learning support
174Extension of repayment period of Start-up Loans
175Academic titles for UGC-funded institutions
176Sex education
178Joint hostel for UGC-funded institutions
179Application through JUPAS or non-JUPAS channels for admission to UGC-funded programmes
180Plagiarism and frauds in research results
181textbook prices
182Number and recruitment procedures of senior staff members of UGC-funded institutions
183Grants on supply teachers
184General Certificate of Secondary Education (Chinese) Examination
185Qualifications Framework
199Pathways for students taking the 2010 HKCEE
200Pilot scheme for Recognition of Prior Learning
1Hong Kong students studying over
2Provident fund of subsidised school teachers
3Review of the Pre-primary Education Voucher Scheme
631Special schools for children with physical disability
633Private University
635Strategy for Information Technology in Education
637Discontinued programmes of tertiary institutions
639Continuing Education Fund
641Law programmes offered by local universities
632Campus violence
634University library network
636Training for pre-primary education workers
638Behavioural problems of students
640Training courses for medical personnel
642Sex education in schools
643Assessment methods for HKCEE
645Students discontinued sub-degree and degree programmes
646Green corners at schools
648UGC-funded institutions operate courses in the Mainland
650School Management Committee of government schools
644Funding scheme for workplace English training
647Additional teacher posts
649Boarding service for students with physical disability
651Disabled students
653Reduction of Primary One class in Y2K schools
652Teaching by subject specialists
654Student financial assistance schemes
656Work-based learning schemes for University students
658Admission of non-local students to HK
660IT courses under Continuing Education Fund
655National education
657Continuing Education Fund
659Students with specific learning difficulties
661Reduction of primary and secondary classes
664Number of schools, classes and students
666Internationalisation of higher education institutions
662Manpower Development Committee
663Measures for students with special educational needs in the new senior academic structure
665Language proficiency of language teachers
667Early Childhood Teacher Training
669Teacher training courses
668Student Finance Assistance Scheme
670Secondary School Places Allocation
672Continuing Education Fund
674Primary school building plans
676Financial assistance for students
678Plagiarism among university students
690HKALE results of university students majoring in language subjects
692Granting of university title for tertiary institutions
694Tuckshops in local primary and secondary schools
701Combating advocacy of Hong Kong independence in universities
706Reprovisioning or redevelopment of school premises
693Capacity Enhancement Grant
696National security education
697Newly established schools
698Resumption of face-to-face classes of schools
699Mental health of students
695Secondary school students participating in activities that may be unlawful
700Cultivating sense of belonging towards country and sense of national identity among students
702Moral education
707Medium of instruction arrangements for secondary schools
711Language proficiency assessment for teachers
741Student Travel Subsidy Scheme
742Enhancing public's Putonghua standard
743Special education
745Implementation of national education
747Hong Kong Qualifications Framework
744Financial assistance and loans to post-secondary and tertiary students
746Using information technology to facilitate learning and teaching
748Training of industrial skilled talents
749Students' physical activities and fitness conditions
750Measures to optimise four senior secondary core subjects
703Primary One places allocation system
704Student Guidance Officers in government primary schools
705Arrangements for primary schools to cease operation
710Cross-boundary students
725Measures to cope with the decline in student population
708Student financial assistance schemes
712English proficiency of students
719Implementation of national security education in schools
726Manpower and remuneration of middle and senior-level staff in primary schools
727Facilitating students' understanding of the Motherland
709Arrangements for subjects of the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
724Enhancing studentsʼ sense of national identity
728Measures to support kindergarten operators
731Manpower of teachers
734Values education on national identity
735Enhancing the recognition of the Qualifications Framework
737Alleviating the wastage of teachers
738Attracting outstanding students from around world to pursue studies in Hong Kong
739Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates
740Promotion of STEAM education
753Student enrolment situation of international schools
759Application of generative artificial intelligence in primary and secondary schools
755Terms of employment of officers of universities
756Support for special schools
757The manpower of academic staff of universities
760Under-enrolled schools
758Language for teaching and research of literature and history-related subjects in higher education institutions
769Non-local student quota for funded taught undergraduate programmes
770Mental health of students
771School-based Educational Psychology Service
774Manpower of teachers
782School bullying
751Teachers and teaching staff committing criminal offences
761Planning for primary and secondary school places
762Admission requirements for medical students
763Manpower arrangements for primary schools with a smaller number of classes
764Provision of additional electric vehicle chargers on campus
752Application of ChatGPT in academia
765Supporting children of non-local talents to study in Hong Kong
766Prevention of youth suicide
767Funding programmes under the Quality Education Fund
768Science subject in primary schools