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Improve the curriculum of secondary schools with a view to improving young people's ability to cope with daily lives


Date of Meeting: 27 June 2001

Asked by : Hon Eric LI

Replied by : SEM

Question :

Will the Government inform this Council whether, to enable young people to cope better in their daily lives, it will consider including in the secondary school curriculum a practical subject covering topics such as the harms of abusing psychotropic substances and drugs, as well as proper handling of personal finance; and whether it will put in place measures to ensure that the school authorities and students will attach due importance to the subject?


Madam President,

The Government attaches great importance to educating students about the harmful effects of abusing psychotropic substances and drugs as well as the proper handling of personal finance. Relevant themes and topics have been included in the school curriculum of various subjects, such as General Studies, Social Studies, Religious Studies, Economic and Public Affairs, Economics, Science, Chemistry and Human Biology, at various levels of primary and secondary education.

The current curriculum reform aims at promoting the whole-person development of students, including developing the necessary knowledge, skills as well as values and attitudes for coping with future life and work, using a holistic and integrated learning approach. Great emphasis is put on healthy living and the development of positive values among students. The aims of the Personal, Social and Humanities Education, which is a Key Learning Area (KLA) of the school curriculum, are to enable students to attain healthy personal development and cultivate positive values towards life. The learning objectives of this KLA include helping students to develop self-esteem and self management skills, and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Students will also acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude for making rational consumer decisions as well as saving and financial plans. In formulating the school curriculum, the advice of the relevant experts has been taken into account. All students should obtain learning experiences which incorporate the above elements throughout their school education.

Education on the undesirable consequences of drug abuse and the importance of proper handling of personal finance is further strengthened through moral and civic education in schools. A moral and civic education curriculum that adopts the "life event approach" is being developed. Issues on drug abuse and handling of personal finance have been incorporated into the school curriculum. Students will be given more opportunities to learn about these issues and develop a positive attitude towards life through the new moral and civic education curriculum.

Last revision date: 27 June 2001
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